Attack on School Grounds: 5th Grade Boy Badly Beaten

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This happened in my hometown, and it rocked a lot of parents to their core. You feel like your kids are safe at school… it’s the one place we know they will be cared for, without us there. This week though, the opposite was true for a local parent. A young boy named Damian suffered from a bi-lateral nose fracture, a cheek bone fracture, a possible concussion, and will need reconstructive surgery… all because of an attack from another young boy in his class. The two exchanged words, something about telling the other boy to stop harassing some girls, and the boy was hit, and a book case fell on his legs. The other child then, according to other students, sat on this boy, and beat him senseless. All while the substitute teacher was in the doorway, talking to another teacher.

And do you know what the worst part is? This was not high school kids… or even middle school kids. These are elementary students. Fifth graders to be exact.

How does a child have so much rage in fifth grade to do all of that? And how does the substitute teacher not HEAR all of that??

This sparked so much outrage in my community, that a facebook page called Justice for Damian took off, gaining a TON of likes and shares, and the community got the story to the press (with the consent of the parents).


There are a lot of people condemning the child, and to that, I honestly have to say, stop. This is a child, a boy, who has something wrong with them, some deep inner rage, to beat another student that badly, while he couldn’t defend himself. From what other students have said, he was looking for a fight from the other kids all day. He finally got one when someone stood up to him and told him to stop messing with those girls.

Initially, people were told that the boy would only be facing a 10 day suspension, but since the facebook page took off and the story hit the media, the school superintendent says that other action will possibly be taken. I hope so, because problems or not, that child needs something a lot harsher than a 10 day suspension. He should have been expelled. And my other half was once expelled on the spot in a principal’s office, so I know it can happen. A severe beating like that child did to this boy, warrants expulsion.

The sheriff’s office is now investigating, but no one can say if they’re investigating because the school called them or if it’s because of the media eye on the situation…

Police and an ambulance were not called to the school when this assault happened. And no, it wasn’t a fight, this was assault. A fight has 2 participants, this boy never put his hands on the child that injured him, instead he was pushed back, then pinned by a book shelf. At the least, an ambulance should have been called. Instead, the administration just called the mother and had her pick up her son.

If that was my child, the lack of concern… the lack of calling authorities and medical professionals… that would have set me off.

And this substitute… she needs to be dismissed. There is NO way you do not hear a physical altercation between two students, unless you are seriously not supervising at all. No excuses for that crap at all. It should not have had a chance to happen.

Many parents are worried about sending their kids back to school because of this, and I can’t say I blame them… I’ve been trying to figure out what district we want to make our permanent home to send the girls school in, and this makes me worry about that particular district. Some have said, and this is not confirmed, that the principal for this school put out a memo that you should just brush off the bullies, laugh with them when they make fun of you, etc.

Say what? Since when in all the years of bullying going on has that EVER worked?

I was bullied as a child, and let me tell you, that never helped… you were a target for a reason, or sometimes for no reason, like Damian. You were told to deal with it, to find a teacher, and if you stuck up for yourself you got suspended. And that still happens.

We need to teach our kids better… we need to see the signs if our children have anger issues and get them the help they need. Bullying and hurting others should not happen, and kids should be able to take a stand and stop it, without it ending up in some kind of tragedy, be it large or small…

Have you or your children ever been bulled? Does your family believe in standing up to the bullies?


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