Man Arrested taking Pregnant Girlfriend to Hospital

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**NOTE- This is a news and an opinion piece all in one. This is MY opinion at the end about what happened here, and does not reflect the opinion of ANYONE else.**

Shayla Crews cried the entire time she gave birth to her child… not because the event was too painful or moving for her… but because the baby’s father was arrested on the way to the hospital.


Maceo Saunders was driving his pregnant girlfriend to the hospital to deliver their child when, Saunders, wanting to get there as fast as possible, flagged down a police vehicle. The cop could not escort them all the way to the hospital, but he offered to call an ambulance. That’s when they
found out that Saunders was driving with a suspended license.

Crews wanted to drive herself at that point, because she wanted him there. “I was, like, I’ll drive cause I have a license. I said I don’t care, I want him there!”

As soon as she was on the ambulance, and Saunders tried to follow, he was pulled over and arrested. As it turns out, police discovered there was an arrest warrant out on him for aggravated assault charges stemming from a previous bar altercation. He claims he had no idea the warrant was active, because he had recently been released from a juvenile facility and told
he was free to go.

He was arraigned and released from jail on Tuesday, and was able to meet his son for the first time.  


Ok, now… I understand feeling a bit sorry for him because he missed the birth of his child… but he knew he had a suspended license, even if he didn’t have the warrant for assault. If you have a suspended license, you don’t drive… you call an ambulance to take your girlfriend to the hospital. You certainly don’t flag down a cop if you DO drive. They don’t care if it’s an emergency, especially if they find out you have warrants or you’re not squeaky clean.

Cops are there to uphold the law. Some do abuse their power, and some refuse to help others, but not all. I was bleeding one night when I was about 7 months along, and I called 911 on the way to the hospital and asked for someone to escort me down the back streets. I was 10 minutes from the ER, but I knew if I bypassed lights and signs I could get there ASAP.

He was great. He helped me get there in record time, 3 minutes. He helped me find a parking spot, and he offered to go get me a wheelchair to get into the building. He even rushed in before I got in and had them pre-call L&D. I ended up being fine, the baby was fine, it was just random bleeding, but no one had any way of knowing that.  

So, it makes me wonder, what happened to make them run a license or ID check on these people. Did he tell the cop he was driving with a suspended license? Did he act suspiciously at all? And even if they did run the plates for no reason… he had a warrant. That’s not the cop’s fault, and arresting him was just doing their job, for all they knew he would have taken
off after the child was born or even as soon as he got into that car to drive. They didn’t know. He should have made sure that warrant was cleared up. If he had went to the police station and asked, they would have helped him take care of it before this even happened.

Again, I’m sorry he missed the birth of his child, but my opinion is that, well… he broke the law… and they did their jobs.


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You and me + 4 Apr 12th '14

Wow that's messed up.

☆ The Flash ☆ Apr 12th '14

How so? He broke the law, they did their jobs. Not seeing how that's messed up.

Persephone Fey Apr 12th '14

Because a pregnant woman shouldn't be driving to the hospital for one and two I had the money to pay my bill for having my son because my insurance covered a good amount of it but Not a single insurance out there covers a ambulance. I'm not paying $2,000 to go and deliver my already expensive bundle of joy. I'll drive myself thank you and use the money on things my baby needs.

☆ The Flash ☆ Apr 12th '14

Then they should have called a relative or a taxi. Anything but him driving with a suspended license, then flagging down a cop.

You driving yourself is a different case entirely, because you do not have a suspended license. He did. And once they found out, probably by running the plates, they discovered that he had a warrant too. They couldn't let him follow the ambulance, because they had NO idea if he would run or not. Some guys would in fact bail if they were facing potential jail time.

I feel bad that he missed the birth of their child, but on the flip side, the cops did their job in my opinion.

khi&daimommy Apr 15th '14

I beg to differ some officers are complete a*****es an he was one their was no need for him to even run his name or anything he asked for help for his pregnant girlfriend obvious he wasn't doing anything suspicious if he flagged down the police... I agree Yu have good cops nd a*****es for cops and he was one. This in my opinion.

Kiersten Patterson Jul 14th '14

However, the cop obviously knew he had a suspended license before he tried to follow the ambulance.. right? it said he found out he had one (suspended license) AFTER they flagged down the cop. So meaning, the cops knew what they were doing. Waiting for her to get in that ambulance when there was NOTHING she could do about it.

CC7369 May 16th '16

I might tend to agree with the majority here. It may sound like old fashioned "entrapment" to me. Then again I did not have a chance to actually read the article or news byte myself. The police very well could have told him/them what they knew while waiting for the ambulance to arrive, they already KNEW he would want to get to the hospital. They could have told him to ride in the ambulance with her to the hospital ( I've taken too many ambulance rides to count and yes, they do let a loved one go with you), that would've been courteous and shown good will. But, did he REALLY get released from a juvenile detention center, free of his own recognizance? Did he truly NOT know he had a warrant? Was he ONLY driving because she couldn't? Since he DID flag down an officer rather than speed down the.highway, he was at least trying to be somewhat responsible. How long would a taxi take to get there? My experiences are numerous with the taxi systems, and it's generally about an hour wait. How long would it have taken a friend or family member to get there, providing one or the other could be reached at all? There are just way too many unknowable circumstances here to TRULY have a debatable subject. I would suggest finding and posting the entire article so that an educated opinion can be formed by the readers as well.