How I learned I was pregnant!

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This is my very first ever blog and I’m so happy about being able to blog and share things with people from all around the world. First of all, I will start by saying that my name is Shauna and I’m from Canada.

As my first ever blog, I would like to write about being a first time mom and my experience as a mom.

It all started when I had muscles (seafood) at a restaurant with my family and I got heart sick. I’m a seafood lover and being heart sick while eating it has never happened to me before, which I did find very weird. I told my mom sitting next to me what was happening and she told me that maybe they were not cook properly, but they seem to be fine. I continued to eat them, even tho I wasn’t feeling to well. I thought maybe it was just me that day. When we were done at the restaurant we went shopping and I got sick even more. I had to come home. My mom took me home so I could rest to make it go away. That evening I was going to a friends house as she was holding an Epicure evening and I really wanted to go, because I wanted new things to cook with. When I got up, I felt a little better, which I was very happy because I didn’t want to miss the event. That afternoon my mom looked at me and said, “could it be possible that you could be pregnant?” I look at her and said, “no it can’t be possible as I am protected”.

At the time I was on Nuvaring. She told me to get in the car and for fun we were gonna go get a pregnancy test, just for fun. Came back home, took the text and waited. It seem to be the longest 15 minutes ever. Then the results came in…I was indeed pregnant. I couldn’t believe it. I was in shock and I started to cry right away, my mom next to me. She was crying too, from joy, I was crying because I didn’t know how my family would react or even my fiancé, who was out of town to study at the time.

Later that evening I went to my friend’s house without saying anything as I only had took one test and I didn’t want everybody to be happy before I knew for sure if I really was pregnant or not. Before coming back home I decided to go get another test, but a more sophisticated one. The ones where it tells you how many weeks pregnant you are. Got home, my mom was there and brought her in the bathroom with me and did the test again. The results came in…I was 5+ weeks pregnant. Wow, I still couldn’t believe it. So I called my fiancé to be and told him the news. He was in awe and was saying, “really? Are you sure? Really”? I wasn’t joking it was real. I told him what the results meant and he couldn’t believe. We had conceived during the holidays. And we were now in February of 2013. I didn’t know I was pregnant for a month and a half.

9 wonderful months has passed and we brought home an amazing baby girl named Emma Rose on October 3rd,2013. She’s now 6 months old and she’s our pride and joy. She’s funny and she loves to take pictures. I hope you enjoyed my first blog and I will continue to blog about anything and everything. I am a first time mom and let me tell you that this is the most amazing feeling in the world. She brings the best in all of us. For all you first time moms out there, I can tell you that the first 6 months are very tiring as you are 24/7 with your precious baby, but if you are lucky like me, my baby even tho she is breastfed sleeps from 9pm to 8:30am and she doesn’t wake up. She started sleeping her full nights when she was 3 weeks old. The only thing is that she doesn’t sleep much during the day, bit I can’t complain as at night I get plenty of rest and feel refreshed for the next morning. I love seeing her face when I pick her up in her crib in the morning. She has this beautiful smile on!

Thank you so much for reading my blog. I hope you enjoyed this first entry.




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blondee914 Apr 18th '14

first blog I read and I really liked it congrats on your baby girl she's beautiful...hope to be sharing my first time mommy story soon