Milk and Soy Allergy!!!!

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I love the holidays and with Easter coming up ,I know we will be at family gatherings..and I no longer look forward to that part...So what does that have to do with milk and soy allergies you may ask?? Well let me get into it,My son is 17 months old and has had a milk and soy allergy since he was born. His Dr.kept blowing it off and finally I convinced him to change his formula at around 2 months old and he did really well it was a gentle formula so the milk in It didn't hurt him much.More or less got him pooping normal lol. My son soon turned 6 months and the Dr.wanted to switch him to regular formula and me being on WIC I had no choice because the Dr. wouldn't write another prescription for the gentle formula.He was on normal formula from 6-9 months old and he had really bad rashes and diarrhea constantly and the Dr. kept just saying it was a virus.

Now I know everybody is asking now why didn't I switch Drs. ? I tried over and over again and everybody was either not accepting the insurance or wasn't accepting new patients, but I did try.Finally when Blaze was between 9-10 months old I introduced Soy milk and quickly realized that was just as bad with his rashes and such, so then at 11 months old I introduced Almond Milk and took all dairy out of his diet and he was a whole new baby the rashes and all his issues just stopped so I took him off of formula at 11 months.Blaze was strictly on almond milk and dairy free food. Now that I explained how I came about his diagnosis ( on my own) I will move on.Having these allergies there is tons he's not allowed to eat or drink,we tried at 16 months to give him milk again because a lot of babies grow out of it by their 1st birthday and unfortunately Blaze isn't one of them his rashes and Diarrhea came back within a few hours. Anyway moving on.

The problem I have with family gatherings is they think I'm just a overly health nut mom when it comes to him they think I treat Blaze differently since my daughter is allowed to have ice cream, yogurt,cake, chocolate etc. when Blaze can't have it because of his allergy.I've been told by numerous family members that I just don't want him to have sweets because he is so hyper all the time and sweets make it worse???? I mean really that is so far from the truth,I wish he could experience the taste of ice cream or chocolate every once in awhile,but he can't because he gets sick very quickly.My family that's at these gatherings constantly sneak him bites of cake,chocolate,whipped cream,just because they think I'm mean, since I say don't feed it to him. I have to keep a constant eye on him at meal times with family when with my daughter I didn't worry about it because she's not allergic to anything! Our last get together was Christmas and my Aunt fed him cherry pie and did I forget to mention he's allergic to cherries as well??? He vomits every time he has anything cherry which made me decide to leave shortly after that happened because the whole family is informed what he's allergic too and I got so mad!! He threw up, broke out in rashes, and had some bad diapers that evening. Well now this weekend being Easter we will be with family again and he isn't leaving my side!!! I wish my family would just understand that he legitmetly has a allergy to milk...My mom and grandparents will help me out because they know he's allergic so hopefully it won't be too bad this time :/ thanks for reading Goodbye!!

Here's the cans and cant's of his milk allergy.

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elishanoyola May 5th '14

my son was born with a milk protein and soy protein allergy it hard i can only imagine

PJ&C May 7th '14

My son has a dairy allergy, and I had the same issue with family feeding him dairy. Finally one day when he broke out in hives I asked them how would you feel is you got hives and there was nothing you could do to make the icing stop, that you can't explain what's going on. And after that they stopped. Hopefully they realize the harm they are causing to your son.

MamiK May 10th '14

I can relate. My son has a low tolerance for dairy. Sometimes in small amounts it's okay, and then all of a sudden he'll get super sick after having a quesadilla or something. I hope your family starts supporting you instead of sneaking him foods that are bad for him. Good luck.

Mommy to B&B May 11th '14

Thanks guys :)