This was a rough week!

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478651c802ee85ecc5003f053b60ce1d.JPG04c5e6755fb4d3e77f26122b5887f691.JPGAbout a week ago my youngest boy (We'll call him A) fell off the couch in the middle of a diaper change! He is fine though. He did get scared and cried for a few minutes. After it happened I called my husband(J) and asked him what else could go wrong! I got my answer about 2 hours later. It was nice outside so I decided to open the front door. 

I was opening it and didn't see my oldest(L) behind me. All of a sudden I hear a thud on the door. Hmm... Nobody is at the door. I look behind me and L starts crying. I hit him in the face with the door. He got a little black eye from it. Ok whatever power you are! I learned my lesson about asking what else could go wrong!!!! I GET IT!!!!!!! I calmed everyone done, myself included, and snuggled them. 

"A" was ready for a bottle and "L" was ready for a nap. Got them all fed and put down for a nap and decided I needed to rest. Not happening. The mailman rings the door bell (the door is open mind you) the phone rings, then the neighbor mows yet again! I talk to "J" and ask him about a tattoo that I have been wanting for almost 3 years. He tells me he has such and such day off and go talk to my artist. I take the boys since they aren't sleeping anymore and go talk to my artist.

"L" is scared of him but runs around the shop, "A" on the other hand LOVES him and "talks" to him. We are set on my tattoo. Just need the go ahead from "J" to get it. Get the go ahead and let my artist know. Saturday comes and I'm snuggling with the boys on the couch. "L" is being his goofy self and "A" is giggling at him.

I get hungry and tell "J" we need to go eat! "J" then tells me he is taking the boys and going to his parents house while I get my tattoo started! YAY! Me time for the first time in over a month! When I do get me time I miss my boys. I missed so much while they were at grandma and grandpa's house but they had fun and were happy and that's all that matters to me! 

Now "J" is working nights and won't have a day off until "L"s birthday on the 28th of April. After that the next days off for "J" will be May 10/11th. It is just me and my boys all day, every day until the 20th of May. I love hearing "L" say new words and seeing "A" smile at his big brother! I am proud of my family and hope to one day add another child to it! 6e448c5b1077f08a7191a232226c1825.JPG

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