Some Days I Just Might Lose My Mind!!

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Has anybody else ever had one of those days when you wished you had just stayed in bed? If your a parent I can almost guarantee you have had one of those days at least once!

Well this first half of this week has had me wishing that over and over again. I always was told with my first one to "just wait until she hits terrible twos" well she turned 2 and I just waited for things to start getting hard especially since the new baby had just been born, but to my surprise age 2 came and went and I never had any problems with my daughter, Soooo I jumped the gun and decided I had just been one of the lucky ones that had a easy child, man was I far from wrong!!Once my second child's 1st birthday rolled around and he started walking I realized they can hit the "terrible twos" at any stage as my son was hitting it early on, so again I figured I was in the clear with my then 3 year old and I was just going to have a hard time with my 2nd and final baby and I was ok with that, when much to my surprise as my daughter has hit 3.5 she has finally got into that "terrible twos" stage and my 17 month old son has been in it for 7 months and now I have both of my kids in the "terrible twos" stage at the same time!! This week has definitely been trying.....

Lets get into my week shall we? Sunday was fairly easy, I spent the day with my son and my daughter spent the day with her grandparents, so they were apart and it made life simple for the day. We had a good easy day, luckily as the last 3 days hasn't been as easy. Monday is where it all began my husband took my daughter with him to my grandparents house while he worked in the shop out there, my daughter loves going to her Maw and Pops farm so she is always up for going whenever she can. In my mind I figured it would just be a repeat of Sunday because it was just me and my son again, it started out that way Blaze had breakfast and we played together for a few hours he had a snack and everything was easy and fun, I laid him down for a nap, made myself some lunch, turned on the TV, and pulled out my I pad to watch some of my daily YouTuber's. I had a very relaxed naptime lol well about a hour and a half later I got him up from his nap and made him some lunch, and he enjoyed every bite like he always does. Then I let him out of his high chair to play as I clean up his mess from lunch and about that time I hear a loud crash and glass shattering on our hardwood floors....I had been dumb and forgot to put my glass up from my lunch, that was one of those moments in a split second I felt like the worst mom in the world.... he had pulled it off the table and it all broke at his feet and of course it startled him so he stepped back right into the glass and cut his foot opened in a couple of spots and as the glass went in his foot out of shock and reflex he just fell to the ground right into the shattered glass and had cut his hand up really good and he had minor lacerations everywhere. All of this happened in the matter of a second , I grabbed him as fast as I could and got him out of the glass and onto his changing table so I could look him over because there was no blood until I put him up on the changing table and I seen blood everywhere...I cleaned him up so I could see how bad it was and at some point in all the madness I had called my husband to come home in case a ER trip was in order because I had no vehicle. Luckily I got the bleeding under control and it wasn't as bad as it first looked we called his Dr. and got orders on how to doctor it at home.

Tuesday wasn't so bad only thing that really happened was my daughter throwing huge fits and playing referee between my 2 kids,oh and my son fell over a toy and whacked his had on the hardwood floors and the knot sunk in instead of popping out, but luckily it passed quickly and its not even bruised today lol. Now to today which is Wednesday, its been a constant battle with Brooklyn today as everthing I told her to do, all I got in reply was a huge screaming fit, whether it was to clean her room,or even just to put on some clean underwear because she decided to keep peeing on herself today....its been a struggle with her all day even all the way up until bedtime,I told her it was bedtime and she threw the biggest,loudest,top of her lungs fit that I have ever seen,one of those fits that I just knew our neighbors were gonna call the police on us because it sounded like we were beating her half to death, even though a hand was never laid on her.I was never so happy for her to fall asleep, I feel horrible saying that but I was so dang excited for bedtime tonight!! So yes this week has been one of those weeks I wished I would of never got out of bed but being a stay at home mom you dont get that option and yes it drives me crazy but I wouldnt change it for the world, The times I get the hugs,kisses,I love yous,and the smiles and giggling makes all the craziness worth it!! 059361add2bbd0f9bc7b22870ec8fbd3.jpgThanks for reading GOODBYE!!

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