6 benefits to baby-wearing, as told by a Second-Time Mommy!

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Well, the last week and a half was… scary, to be honest. My 3 week old caught a virus from a family member, and she went from a sniffly nose to a full blown chest infection. Apparently, her sniffles turned into RSV. She’s needed a lot of cuddles, and I’ve still needed my hands… so I decided to wear her around the house more than usual. And let me tell you, she’s so much calmer and happier when I wear her. Thinking about this, I decided to think about the benefits of baby wearing, some of which I had noticed, some that I hadn’t until I thought about it. 1907590_724305604267152_608127734_n.jpg

**NOTE: These are MY benefits to baby-wearing. I’m sure others have other benefits, and some may not even agree with these benefits. And this is in NO way saying you have to baby-wear your child. It’s helpful and beneficial for ME, but it won’t be for everyone. **


Hands Free! – In all honesty, I genuinely need both hands a LOT. I’m a SAHM to two girls, one of whom currently is sick (my poor newb…) and I still need to keep the house clean and get homework done. And when my baby won’t have anything to do with her swing or her carseat, or needs to be held up more to help her clear her chest, I pop her in the baby carrier and off we go to clean together, and man, it’s been a lifesaver. I wear her for about 2 hours a day, and I get so much done with her in the carrier that it’s crazy.

Great Exercise! –Yeah not even kidding, I’ve lost all my baby weight from my second child, and I swear it’s because I wear her wherever I take her and around the house. I don’t push her in a stroller, she is on me, and you feel the burn after a while of carrying around a 10lb infant child with you all the time. My back hurts, but I feel the ache of a good workout in my legs and thighs after kneeling, walking, lifting, and more with her on me. And I’m not even joking, all of the baby weight is gone. I’m back down to where I was before I got pregnant.

Good for Bonding! -I’ve gotten so close to this kiddo by wearing her, I can tell some of what’s wrong before she even gets mad, and I wasn’t able to do that with my oldest. I bonded with her, don’t get me wrong, but I also had way more time to devote to just being with her all day. Now, I have a limited timeframe to do this all day. But this gives us both the closeness we desire, without chomping into the day. (Yes, she is worth every minute she would take up, but now I don’t have to lose that time.)

Relaxing for Baby! –My newbie was sick, as I said before, and she has wanted me to hold her all the time. But, I can’t, I literally have homework and other things to get done during the day. I pop her in the carrier, and she’s content. She relaxes, she sleeps more soundly, and if I sit in front of our humidifier and let the air hit her, she breathes better. She relaxes a lot more when she’s not sick and in her carrier, too, but when she’s sick, I want to be able to keep her relaxed, while getting the things I have to get done, done.

No need for a Stroller! –You know how many times I’ve used a stroller since she’s been born? None. I’ve yet to need it. I wear her any time I have to go to the store, or want to go to the mall for exercise. And it has been nice not needing to lug out that huge monstrosity of a stroller that we had for our firstborn… I hated that thing with a burning passion. Now the oldest can hold my hand, and the newb can sleep on me, and I have a hand free to carry the small diaper bag. So many problems solved.

Keeps the crazies from touching as much! –This is a BIG one for me. I cannot stand a lot of unnecessary touching of my kid. I can tolerate a little, but with my oldest, people literally came up to her stroller and seat, and tried to touch her face and her hands… NO people. No. Do not touch her without my permission! Well, now they have a LOT harder time touching her with her being attached to me. Get your grubby germs on her now… See if you get close enough!

What benefits do you see to baby-wearing? Do you baby-wear?

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Mika Ashby May 8th '14

I did not wear my first son alot but i just got me a mei tei for my 5 month old the moby does not do it any more. You hit all the points and you can breastfeed hands free too

Sophia Wright Jun 19th '14

Baby wearing is the new fad. I don't think it'll go out either.