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I am a SAHM to 2 little boys. One will be 2 on the 28th and the other is 6 months old. I have my hands full! 2 under 2 in diapers.

I wake up with both boys at 5:30 am most days. We come down stairs and I feed both of them. I change diapers then let my oldest run around and play. He gets hungry and I feed him then my youngest gets hungry. I feed the baby then change diapers. Around 12 noon I put them down for naps and have a fight on my hands for about an hour or 2. They finally fall asleep and I can rest.

I get comfy then the phone rings or the mail man rings the door bell. The neighbor decides to mow and weed eat her lawn. The dogs bark, really anything that can wake the boys up happens. They wake up and I change diapers, feed, and try to clean while my oldest goes behind me and makes a mess. Youngest cries, oldest starts crying and it all starts over.

After everyone is happy I can make me some food and try to eat it but my oldest thinks he needs it. I have to share everything with him. He has to eat my food and drink my drink. I play with him when the baby falls asleep. Around 5pm we go for a walk with the neighbor boy and end up at the gas station.

My youngest tries to roll off of everything but at the same time I can't put him on the floor because his big brother tries stepping on him or sitting on him. I put the baby in the exersaucer  and watch as big brother teaches him how to play with the toys. I get the camera out to take a few pictures and they stop. Baby starts crying and I feed him.

By that time my oldest want yet ANOTHER cup of yogurt and eats that. After he's done he goes to the window and throws toys out and yells at the neighbors. Right now Daddy gets home around 7-8 pm so he misses a lot. All he has are pictures and the stories I tell him about the days. 

By the time my husband gets home I am ready to pull my hair out. I love my boys and love being a mommy. My days may be hectic but my house and heart are full of love.  50521409ee9ef001852f0ec886190b95.JPG8c537de09d059dd43aaddb094764edb4.JPG

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