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If you read through my previous blog and have endeavored to continue reading, thank you.I know our story is long, but so worth it.Not only that we were blessed to have our children, but that our faith in God was restored through very physical signs. My husband and I grew up in Christian homes and we never doubted God was real, but we felt so forsaken.

We had an army praying for us and month after month for SEVEN years, we had been denied the desire of our heart, not counting the failed adoptions, the death of my brother in law,and the struggle on our marriage.But as I have learned, God’s timing is perfect. In September 2007, we were given a financial gift in an odd amount thatcombined with money we had saved was EXACTLY the amount of money we needed todo IVF through a reproductive specialist.Both my husband and I were worried that spending this much money might be for naught, but we cautiously moved forward.

Then one Sunday morning, I was watching a church service on television,my hubby was asleep because he was on the night shift and I didn’t want to go to church by myself.The pastor’s message was to BELIEVE in God’s word.Believe what He has promised and He will give you the desires of your heart.There was much more to the message, but this is what I took away. I went in and woke my hubby up and told him we were believing in God’s promise for our happiness and IVF would work and we would have a baby.The next Sunday, we went to our church and there was a new altar decoration…a sign that said “BELIEVE." Ok God…I think I hear ya...

Thanksgiving rolled around and we decided we would tell our immediate family what we had decided.We needed their prayers and I was taking hormone injections already. So, all of our family came to my parent’s house for Thanksgiving dinner and we told them what we had decided.They were all so excited for our future babies! Later that afternoon, my hubby and his dad were in the yard and discussing our situation.My father in law told my husband he needed a worry stone and picked up a rock out of the yard(back story: my parent’s had only moved into this house the year before), as my father in law turned the rock in his hand, it read “BELIEVE.” He threw it to my hubby, who immediately rushed into the house to show me. My parents had never seen this rock before and the only answer is God placed it there for us to have confidence in His promise.There was never a doubt from that moment on that I would be pregnant soon and we would be parents.

Mid-December arrived and we continued with IVF and the “harvesting”of my eggs and then the fertilization of them through ICSI. We then implanted two embryos and froze one.Two days after Christmas, we went to the doctor for a pregnancy test.Without my knowledge, my hubby told the nurses to call him with the results because he wasn’t sure how I would take the results.Some of our good friends had come to stay with us, for moral support or to celebrate. Later that afternoon, I looked out my kitchen window to see my hubby on the phone.I looked again a few minutes later to see him walking across the yard with a weird look on his face and his friend crying.In walked my husband and says “Lisa called.”I said, “And…”He says, “You’re pregnant.”I said, “I know” and went back to making dinner.He was in shock at my reaction, but I had believed in God’s promise to us and He had fulfilled it!

On August 29, 2008, I gave birth to my first miracle…a 6 pound 6 ounce little boy. We were over the moon in love and to this day he is absolutely the most wonderful blessing. He made me a mom, he taught me what it means to love unconditionally, and he has shown me the amazingness of living. Had I known how wonderful being a mom was, I could not have withstood seven years of infertility, but those seven years are nothing when compared to the grandness of motherhood! Had I been able to hear God telling me to slow down and enjoy life that He would fulfill His promise, I feel sure my life would have been much less stressful, however, I learned a valuable lesson.His promises are real and true and if you can listen to that still, small voice and find comfort in it, it is so worth the reward.

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