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Is it really such a bad thing that my 3 year old is crazy about One Direction (who she calls "The Boys") like all the teenage girls in the world today? I get comments all the time saying I'm letting her grow up to fast....yes she has a couple of one direction posters in her room, she has 2 out of 3 CDs memorized,yes she has a OneDirection sheet set,and get ready for the shocker!!! Every once in awhile she even dresses like Harry Styles who's one out of the 5 in the group!! 12fed716b12339c1c04fa51d09bc8b30.jpgShe might be a little too young but there is worse things she could be listening too. She knows the names of all 5 boys in the group and she really enjoys singing the songs and I guess I'm a bad mom because I do not see the harm in it whatsoever,I actually think it's kind of cute :) I've listened too the CDs with her and I think there songs send a good message, she's even as embarrassing as it is to admit she's even quickly turned me into a fan lol She doesn't listen to there new cd much because I think some of the songs are a little grown up for her but I will continue to support her liking for them because like I said it could be worse!!! The people who tell me I'm letting her grow up to fast don't sit down and watch her just dance,sing at the top of her lungs,and rock out to their music,and watch her just genuinely enjoying life. It makes it worth listening to the #1 boy band day in and day out. 1fc345132d807c90655eb3b76dfaff93.jpgMy 17 month old son even enjoys the music he just starts dancing away as soon as he hears it!! I've let them listen to "kid music" but they just don't like it. I know people are going to judge no matter what,people are even gonna think I'm crazy about even making a blog just about a boy band, and a lot of people won't enjoy it,but I just had to make it known that even if people think I'm a "bad mom" it's not going to change me letting her listen too them and I will be dancing and singing at the top of my lungs right along with her and I will enjoy every single second of it:) thanks for reading Goodbye!!

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kristinab Apr 10th '14

Oh my goodness!!! My daughter who is 2 1/2 is crazy over the blonde one thanks to her aunt! She also calls them the boys and if she doesn't listened to them often she actually throws a fit!!

Mommy to B&B Apr 10th '14

Lol that's cute, if I embarrassingly had to pick a favorite the blond one (Niall) would be my choice too lol. I blame the tv for her falling in love with them she heard their What makes you beautiful song and fell in love and my 7 yr old niece fueled the liking of Harry lol it's a neverending battle lol we listen to the songs all day and that's what has to be playing in the car lol