There and Back Again: A Boy-Mom's Tale

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So, today marks the day I write my very first blog. I loved reading when I was growing up. My shelves were filled with all kinds of books and I would stay up at night reading until well past midnight.

I loved reading so much that I majored in English in college and then later taught high school English and always encouraged my students to read. My favorite books are those that are part of an ongoing series(think Tolkien or Game of Thrones), then I am not so brokenhearted when I finish a book because I know I have another one to take its place, however, serious depression sets in when I finally complete a series!I still love to read, I just cannot seem to find the time for it that I once had. It’s amazing how much time two kids, two dogs, and a husband completing his doctorate program consume.

There are often days I look around and think “where did my day go?” I am sure this is asentiment considered by many of my fellow colleagues! That being said, I am excited that I can write my own book because I can chronicle my memories, daily cute-isms of mychildren, and even struggles that I face as a mom of boys, Army wife, and Christian woman of today.

Consequently, I write this on the day following another shooting at Ft. Hood, Texas. We PCSed(permanentchange of station/transferred) here last July.We love our house, our neighborhood, our new friends, even our son’s school.I do not venture on post often other than to take my hubby lunch occasionally or to take one of the boys to the doctor and in the summer we take advantage of the pools on post, but I am thankful I was not there yesterday. I was at home making supper when one of my fellow Army wives texted me to ask had I heard.

I wasn’t sure what she was talking about because K was getting his daily cartoon fix and when she told me, my first thought was an expletive (don’t judge, I was upset!)Then, where was it and where were all of our husbands? Quick background, I have a pretty close circle of friends that fit into two categories my neighborhood friends and my school mommy friends; however, oddly enough although we live off-post, the majority of my friends are Army wives. So, after determining via quick text messages that all of our husbands who have boots on the ground were safe(two wives have husbands who are deployed), I went into my bedroom to check the news.

Luckily, my husband was able to text me to let me know he would be on indefinite lockdown, but was headed to the operating room to help out with the casualties(by the way, he is in the nurse anesthesia doctorate program through USAGPAN) and I sent a mass text to our families tolet them know that our soldier was ok and after fielding a few worried phonecalls, then dinner and bath time, I was able to reflect on the tragedy. I was glued to the local news that I muted when the kids came in the room and I couldn’t turn it off.

Even after I found out the shooter was dead and the lockdown was lifted, I waited for the press conference.I was heartsick for the fallen soldiers, the injured soldiers and their families and yet I was so proud to know that my husband was helping them.I have lived the last fifteen years of my life following my soldier around the country, putting my life on hold to support him because of this one idea…PRIDE! I am so proud to be an Army wife! It fills my heart to overflowing to know that what he does makes a difference because not only is he a soldier, but a healthcare professional(initially a critical care nurse and soon a CRNA). I can’t help, but feel this way. I always joke that I should have an honorary nursing degree because of the countless hours I have spent helping him study, proofreading papers, listening to him rattle off statistics, procedures, and drugs and pretending I understood!

Granted, we haven’t always had a smooth marriage(more on that in later posts), but he’s a pretty awesome guy and awfully hot in uniform, but when I thought about what others were dealing with, I was happy to see him walk through that door last night!

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