Life With A Gifted Preschooler

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HEY EVERYONE!!!! Just to tell yall a little about myself, My name is Jordan I am 23 years old and have been married for 5 years and I have two little munchkins, My daughter Brooklyn is 3.5 and my son Blaze is 17 months old.Lets not forget our fur babies a teacup Chihuahua named Boo and a Black lab/Blue Heeler named Cowboy!!  I grew up in a tiny town in Texas and am raising my children very close by to my hometown!! Enough about me.

Ok now to get to the reason for this blog. My 3 year old when she was really little we noticed she was way ahead of all of the kids her age,she was talking in complete sentences that you could understand by 15 months, and by 18 months; she learned a lot that month, she would carry on complete conversations she knew all of the shapes( including octogons,pentagons,trapazoids) she also worked our electronics like it was nothing!!68d944c8f5d6119e6a26361c01f25c11.jpg she had also learned all of her main colors in Spanish and all of her colors in English including ( teal,magenta,violet, sky blue etc.). Brooklyn then figured out how to count to 10 in Spanish and 65 in English by 20 months, learned her alphabet by 21 months, and recognized all of her numbers through 100 and finally knew the name of any animal you would point out and the sounds they make including ( bald eagle,jaguars, bobcats etc.)Brooklyn then went on to learn all of her letters by 23 months and wanted to learn all the time. We realized this and took it and embraced all she wanted to learn. Right before her 2nd birthday she was doing 48 piece puzzles all on her own.961036f48bd81f2442c6e4e77e986e09.jpgand then right after her 2nd birthday she sat us down and explained to us in a complete conversation what a star constellation was and we were shocked. So we talked to a preschool counsellor in our area and she suggested we take her for testing when she turns 3 so that's what we did and at 3 she tested on a end of kindergarten level in all areas except writing which we hadn't tried her writing  much.. So we are now teaching her that at 3.5 and she's not too interested but we aren't pushing her on it :) she knows so much that most 3 year olds have no clue about,has a excellent memory, and she's got an amazing imagination and she loves telling stories!!! She has some interesting hobbies she loves tap dancing and is a excellent performer on stage,she wants to play soccer as soon as she can,she enjoys painting and last but not least she LOVES OneDirection especially Harry!! She even dresses like him :)  

my baby girl definetly has her goofy moments and a stand out personality that she is always complimented on I basically want to blog about our journey with her and all the ways we have made the learning easy and fun and the big one that I cant stress enough is on how to not compare your kids because I catch myself comparing my 17 month old that can't say any words or anything yet to my extremely gifted 3 year old and I feel horrible about it all the time so I am learning to embrace his adorable and charming personality a551f1495fa6286325fad2d319c70825.jpg  as well as coming up with ways to find out his strengths without getting upset that he's not learning nearly as quickly as my 3 year old .....I think that's it for now lol Im looking forward to yall following our journey thanks for reading.GOODBYE!!

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Miss-Maia's Mommy Apr 8th '14

My goodness! You must be so proud of her! I am and I dont even know Brooklyn. lol I know how it is trying to make sure the little guy turns out bright while trying to keep up with a fast-paced toddler tho. My daughter will be 3 in May and my son will be 8 months old tomorrow. :) Have you looked into the Mensa program for gifted children? I think they would be able to help you with her so she can learn to her full capacity. & Good job mama, I wish you the best of luck with your babies!

Mommy to B&B Apr 8th '14

Thanks sweetheart :) we are very proud of her but it's gets hard to keep up with all she's learning and how fast she's learning is crazy!!! Lol I will look into that program thanks so much for suggesting it!!! My son is a huge handful the complete opposite of my daughter lol between yesterday and today he broke a glass got cut up quite a bit then he whacked his head on the floor today lol he keeps me on my toes!!!