Finding Out Our Baby is Deaf

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My beautiful baby boy Harry was born severely deaf. He didn't hear the cries of joy from us when he was born, he didn't hear the coo's from his first visitors but most importantly he didn't hear his mummy and daddy tell him how much they love him.

We don't currently know why he is deaf as there's no deafness in our families and his ears aren't damaged, in fact they are perfectly formed, the nerve in his coclear just doesn't respond as much as it should
Harry was fitted with hearing aids, almost immediately after we found out about his hearing loss, which we hope and pray are giving him access to some sort of sound! Unfortunately it can take months for us to know how much he can hear if at all which makes life that little bit harder every single day but he shows so many signs that he is hearing something and seems no different to any other baby!


Finding out that Harry is deaf at just 7 weeks old was a blessing and a curse. Of course we are so grateful to the Newborn Hearing Screening for picking up his hearing loss so early giving him the best possible chance of developing at the same rate as a hearing baby. However it has also brought a lot of sadness and emotions to the forefront which wouldn't necessarily be there if we didn't have this to overcome. It's hard enough as it is to adjust to life as a parent and we have the added pressure of constant hospital appointments and worry that our son won't have the chances in life that every other child will. We have our good days and bad days of course and we know that there will be ups and downs for the rest of his life but we are slowly starting to think more positively and put our faith in the wonderful world of medical science.
I also know we are really lucky that he is perfect in every other way and there could be so much more wrong with him, to us he is more perfect than we could ever have imagined he would be


Our gorgeous ray of sunshine is an absolute delight to be with, he's not a quiet little thing, he's feisty, vocal and super smiley - a proper boys boy! He certainly let's you know what he wants and when he doesn't like something!! He's incredibly alert and observant, which we believe is his eyes making up for his ears!
I truly believe Harry was given to us for a reason. This hurdle has brought me and my partner closer than ever and we really value our lives together and how lucky we are. I can tell you now that no parents will cherish their son as much as we do, he is ridiculously special to us both as well as all our family and friends! We will do everything in our power to give him the very best care, treatment and ability to hear possible - I would give that boy my own ears if I could!


I know Harry's going to be ok, and I know we have so many adventures to look forward to, I just can't wait until that little man can hear me tell him how much I love him!

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plbrown Oct 8th '15

my niece was born deaf in 2009 and is a feisty kindergartner in a mainstream classroom these days. finding out your child is deaf is a very difficult thing to learn and the child and family will go through lots of challenges on the road to hearing (or the road to learning sign language, whichever route your family chooses to take). i was so thrilled to hear that your child communicates his needs - that is so important for someone who is hearing impaired. the quiet deaf child who doesn't speak up for his needs will have a more difficult time navigating through school. you want to have the vocal kid who claims, "repeat that, I didn't hear you!". trust me - it's a good thing. :)