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Feb 9th '10
Quoting *EricaStar*:
Natalie & Aiden's mommy 18 kids; Minnesota 2374 posts
Feb 9th '10

ThePhilippines049.jpgHad to share a picture of my niece cause she is so cute!! Her mom is Filipino and my brother is caucasion!!

Janx 1 child; Las Vegas, Nevada 15 posts
Feb 9th '10

aww she is adorable. my baby is mixed as well. i'm philipino and the baby's dad s swedish/german

♥Suni♥ Due March 21 (boy); 1 child; Texas 1567 posts
Feb 17th '10

Awe! Cutest babies EVER!! LOL:D

Jayden Jameer's Mommy 1 child; Baltimore, MD, United States 724 posts
Feb 17th '10

Cute baby! Ive never seen an asian baby with any hair color other than BLACK! too cute! My best friend is Philipino and her fiancee is black and they have the cuttest son and daughter ever! I love asian mixed babies!

♥Suni♥ Due March 21 (boy); 1 child; Texas 1567 posts
May 19th '10

The newest pictures of our little princess!


Heather Hasan-Seo Due March 25 (boy); 1 child; 서울특별시, Korea 1 posts
Mar 15th '11

My daughter is half-Korean. I'm German, Irish, and Arab and my husband is Korean.
She was born October 1, 2009.

MJFan 1 child; Oklahoma 81 posts
Apr 4th '11

Dorian Gray was born 9-3-10 here is a picture of him:


Sylvia Sung Illinois 1 posts
Jun 28th '11

OMG I have desperately been searching for someone else in my situation. You're not quite the same but close enough for me! I am Korean and my son's dad is Caucasian. My LO has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes for now. He was 9 weeks premature so I thought maybe it had to do with that but maybe not? Plus I thought that asian moms always were more dominant in terms of passing on traits.

baby eliott Maryland 1 posts
Jul 8th '11

My husband and I were very surprised when our son's hair turned red a week after birth! He has red hair and I am Korean. I was adopted and do not know what kind of genes I carry, but we certainly weren't expecting red hair! My adoptive dad has red hair and many of his brothers do too. It's almost like he was destined to have red hair! This isn't the best picture, but it shows off his red hair the best. Your daughter is adorable! I'm anxious to see if our future kids will have red hair too. :)DSC_0501.jpg

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Jul 8th '11

My babies are mixed with filipino... Picnikcollage-3.jpg

Ama-Low 1 child; California 43 posts
Jul 24th '11

My son was born about a month ago, he's half white half Mien.....

101_0541.jpg101_0510.jpgHuggin' his papa

I love that face ^ So chinky looking!

hollmay 1 child; Missouri 132 posts
Jan 13th '13

I know this thread is old, but here is my LO. She is only a quarter asian. I'm half Korean half caucasian and her daddy is all white. He has dark hair and brown eyes and so do I. She looks all white IMO.