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Thinking Positive Due July 11; 16 kids; Washington, District of Columbia 25 posts
Apr 19th '12

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lovelydoll_91 Due June 11 (girl); Washington 11 posts
Apr 24th '12
I agree. I don't like my messages being deleted unless i delete them myself. Quoting Kellie♥Rhyker+Avery:" I like this a lot. Sometimes I go back looking for a PM just to find it's gone..."
Julie Lyvers Due September 15 (girl); 21 kids; Rosamond, California 530 posts
May 23rd '12

hmph not sure what I am doing LOL

Ali Gilliam Due March 27; 3 kids; New York 13 posts
Aug 14th '12

I like the idea of having more room, one way to avoid forgetting to save a message is before we navigate away from the message ask if we want to save it.