Happy 2nd Birthday in Heaven abanegas13 4 kids; Alpine, Texas 236 posts
Feb 5th '10

Today daughter shouldve been turning 2.It breaks my heart that shes not here with us,but i will lite her a candle so she knows we're thinking of her,and add yet another poem to her special book.Mommy and daddy miss you and love you.

LoveyDovey♥. Due January 25; 18 kids; Spring Hill, Tennessee 2729 posts
Feb 5th '10

Happy birthday baby girl in heaven.

Stinke Pie 18 kids; Sheboygan, Wisconsin 2220 posts
Feb 5th '10

I am so sorry for your loss.

My son's second birthday in heaven is this month also.

☆ IVAN'S MAMI Due March 10; 1 child; Utah 4272 posts
Feb 5th '10

happy b-day!