MaiaC Due July 9 (boy); Japan 1 posts
May 2nd '13

What about a safe t sleep thing for a bassinet/cot?
I am tossing up whether to buy this or not?

Soon 2 be mom of 3 Due November 6; 2 kids; Massachusetts 412 posts
May 2nd '13

Crib bedding sets...are they a waste of money? With my 2 older kids (9 &13) I had them but never really used the quilts except on the floor. Now they say not to use the quilt or the comforter so it seems like a waste of $150-$200. As a side note no way did I spend that much on my daughter's Care Bear set...It was like $50 at Walmart, pretty sure my son's Noah's Ark set was a gift.