signs that a 2 year old has been sexually abused... Mary doo dah TTC since May 2008; Amatitlán, Guatemala 22 posts
Jan 28th '10

This is a fake profile. I made it to keep my identity and my daughter's identity private, for both of our safety. This is a serious and sensitive situation. Please respect that.

A little back story:

My daughter was physically (not sexually) abused by her biological father when she was an infant. He hasn't been in her life since then.

I was sexually abused by my stepfather when I was young, but I was too young to remember, and I didn't know about it until recently, when my older sister came forward. He admitted to doing those things to us.
Well, before I became aware of the situation, my mother babysat my daughter from about age 1 to 2. On several occasions when I went to pick her up, my mom was sleeping or was not home, and my daughter was alone with my stepdad. When she started going there to be babysat, her behavior changed. She didn't want her diaper to be changed, and she refused to potty train. She began having night terrors, where she would wake up screaming for her life. I overlooked it because her doctor said night terrors were normal at her age.

We recently moved away from there, and she hasn't been near him in months, but things seem to be getting worse.Now, she is terrified of my husband, but he was deployed when all of this behavior began. She has had two UTIs in the last two months and refuses to eat hardly anything. She is fine when I change her diaper most of the time, but screams and fights when he does. I recently came across some multiple p**n videos on our computer with the word "teen" in it.

I don't know what signs to look for, and I don't know if my suspicions are just in my head because I was abused, and I'm paranoid and fearful for my little girl, or if I am in denial because I don't want this to have happened to her... I need help, but I don't want to go around accusing every person who's ever come in contact with her of hurting her. I don't know if her night terrors are related to the abuse as an infant because she was so little..I just don't...know.

Regina [Coupon.Queen] 2 kids; Indiana 15890 posts
Jan 28th '10

I'm not completely sure of what you can to do to find out but I'm so sorry to hear about you and your sister having to be put through that. This might now be the greatest advice but maybe talk to your pedi/doctor to see what he can do?

Brown Eyed Girl! Due December 7; 18 kids; North Dakota 12704 posts
Jan 28th '10

To me, it sounds like its possible. Maybe mention it to her doctor or make a report saying that it might be possible. I am so sorry if she was!

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Jan 28th '10

Those signs do not seem like they are in your head. I am trying to understand the situation now. You think your husband may be guilty of abusing her? It sounds like your step father did for sure.

How old is she? Old enough to verbalize?

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Jan 28th '10
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Jan 28th '10

You do realize that "teen" porno's have girls aged 18+ right? So that is so irrelevant.

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Jan 28th '10

I'd speak with a doctor. They could probably tell you, by a physical exam, if your daughter was abused.

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Jan 28th '10

Wow. I would call and get her into the doc asap.
Have you already brought it up with them?

Momma x 2 18 kids; Whiskey d**k Mountain, WA, United States 1372 posts
Jan 28th '10

Are you suspicious of your husband or step dad? And if your scumbag step dad admitted to doing it to you, I would straight out ask him if he's ever touched your daughter. You could also bring her in to be examined...but that might make the whole situation more traumatic. I hope for both your sakes that it's all in your head. i think it's disgusting when anyone touches a child that way.

MamaCass{+JOEW} 4 kids; 2 angel babies; Pennsylvania 42368 posts
Jan 28th '10

I don't know, but I think you need to take it up with her pediatrician. He might be able to tell you if those are signs she's been abused, and if you and he do suspect she's been abused, then he can help you figure out what to do next.

Sorry you're going through this.

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Jan 28th '10
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Jan 28th '10
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Jan 28th '10

Wow Mama. I really hope for your daughter's sake, and yours that is not the case. I would maybe recommend letting her speak to a counselor, and see if they can pinpoint any problems they think are there. Also, if you really wanted to know, maybe take her to a doctor and they can exam her. I would if I suspected someone may have harmed my daughter in any way.

*Kirstin* 2 kids; South Carolina 8755 posts
Jan 28th '10

Sadly, it sounds possible to me. I'd talk to her doctor about it and see what he thinks.

If your husband was deployed and she didn't spend much time with other men, her fear of your husband might just be that she's not used to daughter was like that...however, with everything you said it sounds like your step-father might have abused her. Does your Mom know that he abused you and your sister?

♥TMNT 2 kids; United Kingdom 688 posts
Jan 28th '10

Have your doctor chick her, hes the only one who can tell you really.