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Dec 9th '10

Liam has A.R and colic. The colic isn't as bad as it used to be though. We had him on Prevacid but then I find out he isn't on my insurance anymore so I filled out the papers and stuff to get him on his own insurance. I'm just waiting for that and then I can get him on Prevacid again. He spits up so much...even when breastfeeding. He will even spit up an hour after eating. He is awake almost all night and sleeps a lot during the day. He loves comfort nursing and will not sleep in his bed but cries until he is next to me (preferably) comfort nursing. He has been so alert since birth and he loves looking at light. I have Christmas lights on the ceiling so he can look at them. He was a late baby (born 11/6) so he is a little over a month old. I heard the colic usually goes away by the 6th week so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.Even with all the trouble its worth it...I can't imagine my life without him.

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Dec 10th '10

Hey everyone! Landon is SOO in love with his baby brother Michael. I'm glad cause I thought that he'd be jealous of him! :P
Michael is a wonderful baby as well! He sleeps a lot through the night. And hardly ever cries without a reason....if at all!:shock::D:D
We love our lil guy so much! And he is growing WAYY too fast! :cry:

Love! 18 kids; California 1989 posts
Dec 23rd '10

I havent been on in forever. I miss having the internet. but Chase is so happy and helps out a lot with his brother. Porter has been really good but is extremely spoiled and never wants to be alone, which happens to be hard for mee to do other things..

Ali & Ari 1 child; California 1252 posts
Dec 27th '10

hey every1 hope everyone is doing well and enjoying theyre new LO.. arielle jus had her shots todya! worst day of my life so far! her little face turned sooo red and she cried so hard she shrieked! screamed bloddy murder! i felt soo bad im never going to watch that again! afterwards she just has been sleeping the day away! howd everyone elses shots go?

Charlie&Steven's Mom 2 kids; North Dakota 2182 posts
Dec 28th '10
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Ali & Ari 1 child; California 1252 posts
Dec 28th '10
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Dec 29th '10

My son just got his 4 month shots on Monday(he was born 2 months preemie). He did WONDERFUL with his 2 month shots, never cried or moved or anything. Slept alot afterwards but did awsome. Now, at the 4 month ones, he was dead asleep, and we couldnt wake him for anything, and the doctor just stuck him, and he got upset, but didn't cry just whined, once he was in my arms he was fine. But, he couldnt sleep right all day, he would whine in his sleep all day. But, he ended up with a fever of 102.7 and couldnt sleep. So after 4 hours of having the fever and tylanol not being able to take it down, we took him to ER. And, he now has an upper respritory infection.

Ali & Ari 1 child; California 1252 posts
Dec 30th '10
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Luis Jr. & Logan's Mommy. 18 kids; Florida 573 posts
Dec 31st '10
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Jan 4th '11

My son hasn't had his 6 week shots yet. He'll be 6 weeks in 2 days...he was born 6 days late. I'm having issues getting health insurance for him so I can't get his shots till I get it worked out.

Amanda-Mia && Gabby's mom 3 kids; Texas 2891 posts
Jan 14th '11

How is everyone doing??

Jaysens mommy 1 child; Texas 26 posts
Jan 14th '11

my name is Megan. im new to babygaga. i had my son October 1st 2010.

Dreyden&Leah's Mommy Due June 2; 2 kids; Kerrville, Texas 3838 posts
Jan 15th '11

hey everyone!
its meghan,
i havnt been on in a long time. before i had my lil girl, Leah Roslyn
which i had October 1st!!!
12 days early because she was growing a few weeks behind
and was only in the 15% for her gestational age.
she was born at 12:26 pm
weighing 6 pounds 1 oz and 19 inches
an ALL natural labor/delievery!!!!

her big brother dreyden (who was 15 months when she was born)
had trouble at first getting use to his new baby sister but now is
doing great for only being 18 months!!!

sadley leah has had a rough start to life. she had horrible colic
starting at 2 weeks which also brought on acid reflux
she is only 10 and 1/2 pounds at 3 1/2 months old because she
spits up so much. she goes to see a gastro dr on jan 24th
i exclusivly breastfed for 3 months!!!! and now i occationally pump
for evening bottles and only breastfed at night :D

i have a new laptop so i should be able to get on much more and enjoy
baby gaga again!!!

Double Bubble♥ TGT 1 child; Ontario 697 posts
Feb 5th '11

wow its been forever since iv been in here!!

K+A=C & B 2 kids; xxxxxx, xx, United States 3036 posts
Mar 26th '11

Hi Mammas!!!! How is everyone and your LO's ? Chase adores his little brother and little Brayden is just a little sweetheart. Im so blessed!