dry cracked skin in the corner of mouth.... user banned
Jan 16th '10

the corner of my mouth is cracked and everytime i open my mouth it burns and also when im eating.does anyone know how to heal this?i tried chapstick and it doesnt work........its like the skin tore a little bit in the corner of my mouth..enter text

♥rEVOLution&hearts 4 kids; Eagar, Arizona 6985 posts
Jan 16th '10

Try some carmex

muchacho!! 1 child; Vancouver, British Columbia 1371 posts
Jan 16th '10

carmex or blistex


Sam Malone Due July 15 (boy); California 95 posts
Jan 16th '10

I get that too, it's just because it's cold I think. I use that nivea chapstick because it has like lotion in it too or something... it goes away after a

*Kirstin* 2 kids; South Carolina 8755 posts
Jan 16th '10

turn your heater down and stop licking your lips.

WindowSilAngel 19 kids; Monroe, GA, United States 7098 posts
Jan 16th '10

If you mess with it too much, it'll turn into a cold sore, which I have right now. If you end up with one, throw out any chapstick you use while 'infected', otherwise you can reinfect the area. I get one almost every winter. It sucks, and my husband is picking on me saying I have herpes.... ugh.