natural ways to induce labor lilmomma1043 Indiana 29 posts
Dec 26th '06
i have one week left and im soooooo ready to have this baby. Ive heard there were quite a few ways to naturlally induce labor, but dont know which ones work. I tried castor oil when i was preg. with my daughter and that didnt work at allive heard raspberry leaf tea works but couldnt find any, and also i heard primrose oil worked. I went and bought the primrose oil but dont know if i should take it orally or if i should open the capsuals and apply tha oil manually to my cervix ne suggestions or tips?
Shayybae Due October 29 (boy); Florida 5 posts
Oct 16th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting sammyd620:</b>" When my sister was due, we made her drink Rasberry Zinger worked, and put her in labor, as ... [snip!] ... tried everything possible...except have sex! nothing worked for me, my child was stubborn and waited until her exact due date!"</blockquote>

Hey Im 38 weeks with a baby boy and just made my first cup of raspberry zinger tea.. I was wondering how long it took for it to kick in with your sister?