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Jan 16th '10
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Aug 7th '10
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Aug 7th '10

I'm half Shoshone myself, and half caucasian, and my skin is typically a very light brown color (except during summer when i get very dark) but my hair is black and my eyes are dark brown. I definetely look Native but my father was also very dark skinned and a full blood shoshone so I think it depends on what the parents look like. Right now I'm expecting my first baby who will be 1/4 shoshone, 1/4 Hispanic, and 1/2 caucasian but you can barerly tell that my boyfriend is mixed so I'm going through a similar problem wondering what my daughter will look like. Your baby will be beautiful no matter what

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Aug 10th '10

can believe you are even asking this question unless your worrie about the people around you that are white. I think you would love it no matter what color the baby skin was. Being Mix myself I find it hard to live in two worlds sometimes three. And he will find the same problem I say he I'm just quesing. If his heart is right and yours the child will have a good life no matter what his father is like. Yes the child will have medicla care through his father and food card and maybe houseing. But keep in mine he belong to his father tribe so you have to go by their rules. If the father dosen't want to help in taking care of the baby you can take him to your courts or theirs.But apove all teach him right and she him the way on both sides.

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Sep 11th '10

I am half apache and my babys father is 100% full native modoc and klamath.l_ba8b07848b3b4d94aaeccd0f6a42a69a.jpg

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May 5th '11
Quoting june_19:" you will need is a birth certificate because you have to prove that he/she is biologically his, and then you can call the BIA to find the paperwork you will need."
I have a more unusual situation, my spouse and I are having a child via sperm donor since we cannot have children on our own. Our sperm donor is a enrolled tribe member and 100% Yakama Nation. My question is, will my child have a chance to enroll in the tribe if she/he chooses too. The donor won't be on the babies birth certificate but the baby will be 50%. Any insight? Thank you.
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Jun 19th '11

I am from England and my partner is full blooded Lakota. We are pregnant with our first child. I am 6 weeks pregnant now and very happy. Hes 40 and im 30. We do everything together and share all the same interests. Race is not an issue. We both love and respect eachother and thats all that matters. I love him to the moon and back. Hes so supportive and loving. I am going to learn how to speak Lakota with my partner so that we can talk Lakota to our baby from birth.

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Quoting ~Ice Princess~:" I am only 1/8 cherokee (on one side..have cherokee on the other, but not sure how and not ... [snip!] ... circles of pigment on a mixed child? They have that. And me and DH are as white as they come. I guess it skipped a little."

I have a circle like that on my right upper thigh. So, what's the deal, am I mixed-race?

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Quoting Samwise0311:" So as of right now I am expecting a baby who is half white and half native american (Yurok tribe out ... [snip!] ... does anyone have this mix in their baby or know anyone who does? If you can find pictures, would you please post them? Thanks!"