jessica♡Lynn*HGSM* 18 kids; Ludington, Michigan 2895 posts
Nov 11th '07

i was 21 when i found out i was pregnant didnt have any problems telling my mom since we are so close and she said she already knew but my dad was a hard one we used to be close but then he moved away and we lost touch i warmt worried about him being mad i didnt want him to know i wasnt a virgin anymore how crazy is that but he is really excited to be a papa well he will be twice this year my lil sis is pregnant too he actually bought and sent me the car seat and 500 dollars for things we need and ibm in texas and he is in new hampshire thats a long ways

jessica♡Lynn*HGSM* 18 kids; Ludington, Michigan 2895 posts
Nov 11th '07

good luck to all you ladies

Kristmas Payton 1 child; South Carolina 420 posts
Nov 14th '07

Well...I didn't exactly tell my mom. She found out herself, I was at the doctor's for an appointment because i had a cold, they drew some blood and since my mom works in microbiology at the doctors office, she tested it. And therefore, she found out I was pregnant and she told me I was. She was somewhat upset for a day or two..but now she's almost excited as I am. :)

Amanda88 1 child; West Virginia 15 posts
Nov 15th '07

I am 19 and I told my mom and my boyfriends parents the same day. My boyfriend and I knew that I was pregnant but wanted to make sure, so we went to a rite-aid and we bought a pregnacy test. Well, a couple of minutes later it came back positive. So when we got back to my house my mother liiked at me and she could tell something was different with me. So I just showed het the pregnancy test and then we talked and cried. She said she wanted to make sure so my mother and I went to the local health department and I took another test and that one came out positive too. She was upset at first but not she is happy. I can't keep her hands off of my stomch.

Amanda88 1 child; West Virginia 15 posts
Nov 15th '07

I am 19 and I told my mom and my boyfriends parents the same day. My boyfriend and I knew that I was pregnant but wanted to make sure, so we went to a rite-aid and we bought a pregnacy test. Well, a couple of minutes later it came back positive. So when we got back to my house my mother liiked at me and she could tell something was different with me. So I just showed het the pregnancy test and then we talked and cried. She said she wanted to make sure so my mother and I went to the local health department and I took another test and that one came out positive too. She was upset at first but not she is happy. I can't keep her hands off of my stomch.

Lala(Sienna's Momy) 1 child; Las Vegas, Nevada 1473 posts
Nov 15th '07

This one is funny.I was about 5 wks. And me and my boyfriend got into a verbal argument at my house my mom was trying to help us and my bf was really pissed. so all of the sudden he just blurted out Laura's pregnant and the world stopped!
lol my mom was mad at first but she is very excitted. i havent told my dad cause i rarely ever see him and he isnt in my life so y whould i bother him with mine?
Im just excited that in about 5 months im going to be a mommy!

Abram's Mommy 1 child; Arizona 61 posts
Nov 17th '07

Im 17 and well the first time i got pregnant me and my boyfriend got really scared to tell our parents. We told my mom first, this is what happened;
Her friend was over and well i told her to give her a clue about me being pregnant(she helped me out telling my mom) well my boyfriend came over and we were all sitting down in the living room and then she was looking at me all wierd and she asked what was going on. I just started crying and told Oscar(my boyfriend) to tell her cause i couldnt well he did, i just backed away before she slapped me lol she was sooo mad dam you should've seen her face. Her friend calmed her down and made her give me a hug and tell me she was going to be with me and support me. Well thats how i told her the first time. Unfortunately i lost my baby i had a miscarriage when i was 7 weeks pregnant. it had only been like a month and a half when i realized i was pregnant again lol this time i was more scared than the first time to tell my mom. when i told her she gave me like this 2 hour lecture it was sooo boring lol well now im glad she knows but im so scared to tell my daddy i bet he's going to try to kick Oscar's ass for getting me pregnant lol well im 9 weeks and 1 day and im so excited to have a baby i dont really try to think about how to tell my daddy because i dont want to stress out too much and have a miscarriage again but if you have some tips on how to tell my daddy im glad if you can help thanks!

love leo 1 child; United Kingdom 8317 posts
Nov 18th '07

i was 19 weeks when i told my mum, because our mum daughter relationship was prettymuch non existant, i feared she would attck me and hit my stomach and kick me out

wen i decided to tell her, we were in the garden and before i could say anying i burst into tears and she knew fine rightly i was preggo, supprisingly she did something she hadnt done for over 5 years.. she gave me a hug!

she brought me inside and asked the usual.. are you sure? do you want to keep it? etc... she was very supportive, tho my dad woulnt look at me... i was daddys girl who constantly dissapointed the family (im not as smart as my bro, i didnt get into the best school like he did, and i didnt get into uni) in the end he did say it was gonna be ok and he hugged me too

all through my pregnancy they helped so so much and now Leos here, they have been amazing, my mum said if we could turn back time still knowing Leo woulld come, she wouldnt have said about an aborion

my parents love Leo so so much and will do anything for him (unlike his other granny n grandad ughh...) he is their little prince nd has now taken over my brothers spot of being the perfect boy (much to his annoyance lol )

and now, my mum and i couldnt be closer!, she comes over for tea, we go shopping and have fun!!! its great!!!, iv finally got a mum, and shes finally got a daughter, its fantastic
so goodthings can come out of telling your parents, they may be more supportive than you think!!!!!

Christine Quinones Texas 1 posts
Nov 19th '07

honestly i think u should just tell them as soon as u can... i told my mom an hr after i found out....i mean their gonna find out anyways might as well do it soon so they can help u... yes their gonna be dissapointed but if u tell them ur self they'll see ur a lil mature plus they'll always love u.... some may stay angry longer than others but once they meet that baby everything will be ok

mybabymylife Texas 3 posts
Nov 19th '07

Telling my mom i was pregnant wasnt the easiest thing.I was only 16 and was like 2 months pregnant already. I knew i had to tell her soon.It still hurts me the way she reacted when i did tell her.... I started to walk to her room, thinking to myself i can do it. When she opened her door, i started to cry and told her im pregnant. She said how can you be so stupid and just ended up sleeping me. She wouldnt talk to me or even look at me for the longest. I really just wanted to leave. The next day my mom takes me to the doctor to make sure, she said if i was pregnant that she wants me to get an abortion. I told her no, i started to cry and said no. She just said that i will....The next few days were just pure hell. I wouldnt wanna come out of my room, not to go eat, or to go to the bathroom. I didnt want to see me mom or dad. In ways i felt like i let them down, getting pregnant so young, but it happened and there was nothing i can do. My dad was more calm about it, he was dissapointed but wasnt as mad and aggressive as my mom.... After that i got married and moved in with my husband, i visit my mom everyday. She has gotten over it.... It still bothers me the way she reacted but i just try to foreget about it and enjoy my life. If there is any one that wants to tell their mom, my advice is just do it. the sooner you get it out of your chest the better... everything will be fine in the end.

Desi_Lynn Illinois 1 posts
Nov 23rd '07

Well me and my ex(at the time we were together) talked to his dad first, when I was 10 days late. And he suggested that I go and get tested, but I refused. Then one of my friends talked me into going, and she went with me. On August 7th I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant. The first person I told was my
'ex' best friend Sam. Then I told the father. After that we told his dad, because we were already talking to him about it. He was supportive, he wasnt mad, but he knew we were scared. Then we went to his mom at work. And he just said "yeah, you know what me and desi have been doing" and she said "yeah, what about it" and my ex was just like "well, uh..." and then I just said "Liz, im pregnant" and she was very supportive also. She was more excited than I was. She wanted another grandbaby! So that took care of his parents, so afterward, we went back to his house, and told the rest of his immediate family. His 3 sisters disown me now, well 2 of the 3 are talking to me again and his brother was really excited. His aunts hate me for it now and his grandma is happy. Then we went and told my mom. I couldnt tell her. I just handed her the peice of paper that said I was and she wanted to hug me. I thought she was going to kill me! So I went to the other side of the bedroom because I was afraid of her. But she calmed me down and talked me into going and telling my dad. Who was at work. When we got there. I couldnt tell him. I am extreme daddy's girl and I would never do anything to hurt him. So my mom called my ex over and whispered in his ear and then he just says to my dad "Hey grandpa" and my dads reaction was "WHAT?!?!" but thats a good reaction for him. I told him I was having sex before I told anyone else. so he kind of expected it. So everyone was excited that actually mattered. Now since that was like almost 4 months ago, I am glad everything is going good. Me and the dad are still friends, I hope, but I dont think we will ever get back together. and yes, we were engaged. But I told everyone important the day I found out. Its alot easier to tell them when you find out rather than waiting a few months and start showing and having them ask you why you are wearing baggy clothes, or gaining weight. this way it can blow over.

1st_Time_Mom Tennessee 1 posts
Nov 24th '07

Telling my Mum was so much easier than I thought it would be. I hadn't gotten my period and it was several days late, so I decided to take a test and it was POSITIVE. I was super excited. Anyways, my mum was already at my house so I just pulled her aside and showed her the test. She was ecstatic.She even scheduled my confirmation test and did all of my prenatal bloodwork(shes a nurse!). If it wasnt for her I would not have even gotten proper prenatal care.

xloxbrittanyxolx Due April 18 (girl); 1 child; Lebanon, Maine 203 posts
Nov 24th '07

My mother found out the hard way, she ended up finding some of my paperwork before I had a chance to tell her. She called me and said "I'm going to ask you something and I dont want you to lie about it" I already knew what was coming I was scared out of my mind, then she asked me "Are you pregnant" and of course I said yes and then she screamed at me and told me to get rid of it and that it would ruin my life and it would bea burden. We cried together for a while and finally she realized there was no changing my mind about keeping it and she told me I needed to tell my father. Which even though I felt he would be nice about it I was even more scared to tell him because he raised me and is such a good father I didnt want to let him down I felt really guilty. Then TODAY actually I finally told myself I had to do it, cuz its not fair to him. soooo after about three hours I finally worked up the courage to do it. It didnt come out like I had practiced at all hah. Much different.
I just said "dad" and he's like "Yeah?" "I really need to talk to you" and he's like "alright" then I sat there for another three mins and he turned and looked at me (he was on the computer) and I just said "Im pregnant" he nodded and said "Yeah, Ok?" I couldnt believe his reponse I was like "Um, can i get a little more than that" and he said "your 18, your old enough to know what you want and if you want to get rid of it, thats your decision, if you want to keep it, same thing, either way I'll support you, I knew this would come, you and your boyfriend have been together for three years, it wasnt a matter of IF it was a matter of WHEN" I couldnt believe it, I just started bawling my eyes out and told him i loved him and that I couldnt believe he was so supportive.
It was a lot better than I thought it was going to be, I waited for three weeks after I found out to tell them and it was hell, I felt to guilty. Soooooo even though I read a million of these posts that said TELL THEM ASAP I didnt cuz i was scared but I'll say the same thing cuz i feel so much better now and whether or not its smooth or rocky, either way its out there and if its good, its great. :D

kiekie08 Illinois 1 posts
Nov 24th '07

Well i had a hard problem telling my mother, because this isnt my first time being pregnant...I got pregnant for the first time when i was 16years old..i didnt have to tell my mom cuz she already knew my period didnt come, and my period never comes late..Well i decided that i was going to keep the baby and to my suprise my mother seemed ok with it...she was there with me at every appointment, also starting to except my babies father/bf(ex-boyfriend now)...Well i was about 23weeks preggers..and i had an doc. appointment that thursday and i was kind of scared because my baby wasnt kicking at all!! So i go to the doctor and they couldnt get her heart rate!! So they rushed me over to the local hospital, where they gave me an ultra sound and i saw that my babies heart wasnt beating...I was so devistated!! I was in labor for 14hours, having to give birth to my dead daughter on June 09, 2006...

As time went on i learned how to deal with the pain of losing my daughter...Me and my bf couldnt work things out so we went our separate ways...So couple months later i met the love of my life Andre..i never expected to get pregnant again!!! When i realized that my period didnt come..So on the day of my 18th birthday my boyfriend and my best friend convinced me to get a test...So i give in and get the test and to my suprise it came out positive..I seriously did not know what to do...I just knew how dissappointed my mother would be..i waited two weeks later to tell her...And if it wasnt for my boyfriend to this day she wouldnt know..Well i told her and my mother flipped out...She doesnt want anything to do with me or the baby...I have to move out of my mothers house by time the baby is born..Im only 6weeks and 5days preggers..But i guess i have to get my shit straight cuz i refuse to get an Abortion..As of right now i really dont know what in the hell im going to do...i am really stressed and im trying to relax and stay healthy for the sake of my childs health u kno...idk im so confused!!!!

Nik DiZzy 1 child; 36 posts
Nov 25th '07

i didnt get a chance to tell my parents. I went to the doctor because I was sick and she told me I was pregnant. I told her I would tell my mom as soon as she got out of the hospital cause she had just had surgery. Well I quess my inconsiderate doctor didn't beleave me that I would tell her cause she called her while in the recovery room to tell her. So yeah I didnt have to tell them.