I Have Been SO Angry Since Getting Pregnant! reina_21214 2 kids; Trenton, New Jersey 245 posts
Aug 15th '07
Let me just be honest and say that I've always had a temper (I blame it on my hot-headed Italian parents - LOL) but at least it was always directed at people that deserved it. :lol:

Before I got pregnant my doctor put me on Lexapro to kind of chill me out a little so I wasn't so easily annoyed - especially with my 4 year old daughter. After a week of taking it I really noticed a change and was quite content.

Then I found out I was pregnant and even though my doctor said it was okay to still take the Lexapro, I decided not to because he did say that some babies whose mothers took the medication during pregnancy were born and then went thru withdrawal. I didn't want that to happen to my baby, so I stopped.

For the past 15 week now I have been nothing but a complete horror for no good reason. I actually got into a fight the other day with a man because he accidentally shoved me. (Mind you, I know it was SO wrong of me, but at that time, I was just SO pissed I couldn't help but argue with him). My daughter was right there with me and I could tell she was upset, but I just could NOT stop arguing with him and that's the worst part.

I also have terrible road rage now when I drive to work every morning. Everyone annoys me and I've even seen my daughter start to immitate me when someone does something in the car.

Has anyone else had this happen during their pregnancy?

Should I start back on the Lexapro? Is anyone else on it or took it during their pregnancy?

I'm really not happy being this mad and annoyed all the time.
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Aug 11th '10
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