Painless Labor Contractions? Shana [+3] 3 kids; Hersey, Michigan 105 posts
Dec 19th '09

I was just curious, is it possible to have labor contractions that AREN'T painful? I've read thatthere is a big difference between Braxton Hicks and the "real" thing, and I have alsoread many stories of women having had painless contractions and they were actually in labor (thinking that they were just Hicks contractions that were regular). I just wanted to know if there were any ladies out there who have had painless labor contractions when they were in real labor.


BBBBB 1 child; Ivyland, Pennsylvania 2766 posts
Dec 19th '09

I had painless labor contractions for the first 10 hours of labor. But once they started getting intense, they got INTENSE.

Kristabeℓℓe 3 kids; Greer, South Carolina 6308 posts
Dec 19th '09
Quoting Adrian's Mommy: 38 Weeks:
*WishingUponAStar* 2 kids; 4 angel babies; Lawton, Oklahoma 18442 posts
Dec 19th '09

I had painless labor contractions with my daughter, I was contracting and could see them on the monoritor but didnt feel them, I didnt feel one contraction during the whole labor, and they even gave me pitocin to help me along. It hurt when I had to push though!

rabblerabble 1 child; Texas 1366 posts
Dec 19th '09

When I was admitted I was given pitocin and I didn't have any pain for about 7 hours and I was having contractions every minute or so. Eventually I did feel them when I started having ones like less than a minute apart. I was wayyyy ready for a epidural by then because I couldn't stay still through the contractions, I kept moving trying to make my body feel better and when I moved Bradley's heartrate would drop. I definitely needed the epi by then so that I could remain still and keep him doing ok. Eventually had a c-section because his heartrate kept dropping, it turned out his cord was around his neck and face up, they said I probably couldn't have managed to get him out otherwise. I felt absolutely nothing during the surgery!

*Lindsey*Izacc*&Hailey* 18 kids; Little Rock, Arkansas 3921 posts
Dec 19th '09

I didnt know I was in labor until my water broke and then i thought i was peeing on myself because i couldnt quit laughing and it was not a full blown gush it came out a little at a time. I was in absolutly no pain, I only went to the hospital that night because the nurse said they just wanted to make sure it wasnt my water. I got to the hospital in NO pain and was dilated to an 8. I was 36 weeks. I definalty say it can happen because it happened to me. my labor was a total of 5 hours from the time my water broke until the time he was born.

NanaJen Japan 1 posts
Feb 19th '13

I have had three children. The first one I was induced and needed no pain meds, second and third were totally painless, didn't even know I was in labor cuz my contractions felt like Braxton Hicks. Had one 38 minutes after I finally went to the hospital and the next in 31. I only feel the delivery. When I mentioned this to my currently pregnant daughters midwife she practically called me a liar to my face, saying I must have a high tolerance for pain. I was mad. Wish I knew what this phenomenon was called so I could tell her and shut her up. I know it has a name, but like most medical terms, it's long and hard to pronounce. But I have it!

AmandaHolmmes Due September 2; Japan 1 posts
Apr 14th '13

I was thinking fora while what I wanted to use for pain relief while going into contractions

I decided that I prefer painless labour with out the epidural.
I decided to do it the natural way! am I crazy? maybe but I don't like needles!!!!

Tracey Te Whare Australia 3 posts
Oct 11th '14

Late reply lol..but yes i have had four completely painless labours.I have no idea how or why i dont experience any pain,and im not in a state of mind over matter. Its just been painless since day dot.contractions could be seen and visible as curves on the monitor, and were very effect at dialating and subsequent quick deliveries.I thought it was normal and didnt know what the fuss of child birth was over.Apparently my experience is not the common experience.