Missed 2 period with Paragard Olivia Foxworth 3 kids; Albuquerque, New Mexico 4186 posts
Dec 18th '09

So I was suposed to get my period last month around the 4th, I spotted for like a day and then stopped and spotted randomly throughout the rest of the month, then comes the 4th of this months very light spotting, not even enough for a pad then nothing.....I started panicking and FINALLY took a pg test today, it came out Neg. So what the hell is it? with Paragard you are suposed to get a period and that is why I wanted it..... I am going to call my Dr but has this ever happened to anyone else? I swear I am going to get my tubes tied even though I always said I never would do that, this is to much stress!!

urcarcass Minnesota 2 posts
Dec 30th '09

Hey Klingon, I too am on paragard and was supposed to get my period on the is now the 30th and i am kinda freaking out since i have only spotted for like 2 days. I've had paragard since may 2009, and all my periods have been super heavy. I'm not done having kids since i only have 1 son, but he is 9 mnths old and i'm not ready to have another.:? I think that i'm going to take a pregnancy test tomorrow.

onlyaqueous 1 child; California 342 posts
Dec 30th '09

check for the strings, if you can't feel them make an appointment with your OB! Otherwise you should be fine, a lot of women have weird cycles after baby... I know I've only had a few "regular" periods and the rest were light or not there at all. If you can feel the strings it's supposed to show that the paragard is in place. Good luck hun!