My baby is starting to eat less, is that normal? Susan.valdez California 8 posts
Dec 20th '06
My baby was born on Nov 30th and he has gone up to 4oz every 3 hours but now he has gone down to 2oz every three to four hours. Is this normal? When he is done eating he closes his lips together and refuses to take the bottle. He is about 2weeksand a few days old.
clarissa & baby 1 child; St Joseph, Missouri 7 posts
Jan 30th '09

Now I feel better.
My son was eating really good, then today just decided he wasn't quite as hungry.

summerbabyX2 2 kids; Pennsylvania 4019 posts
Jan 30th '09

wow my son's a hog! He's been at 6oz. every 3-4 hours since he was 3 months old! He was a big baby tho & the bigger the baby the bigger the tummy. I always heard 3-6-3-6 for growth spurts, 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months & I did notice an increase in his appetite around those times

Lyndsy White Prince Edward Island 1 posts
Jul 3rd '10

My daughter is 2 month old, she was taking 6oz and now it's hard to get 4 into her, she keeps falling asleep halfway through her feedings, and it is a struggle to get even 4oz into her, she has about one good 5oz feeding a day and the others are all a struggle. Is this normal I am reading that baby's appetite fluctuates. This is my first child just curious if anyone else had or is having similar problems.