soon2be3 3 kids; Halifax, Nova Scotia 83 posts
Sep 4th '08

my girls are just about 22 months and they like to color, dance, go for walks and collect rocks(for some reason they cant walk by one), watch me cook, oh and make BIG hugh messes lol.

official xbox smasher 18 kids; El Paso, Texas 70400 posts
Sep 12th '08

My girls love to take the bowls out of the cabinet and play with them.

~Dj's Mommy~ Due February 15 (boy); 1 child; Lenexa, Kansas 205 posts
Sep 25th '08

My favorite thing to do with my son is either dance and sing or to play cars!

madsmomma Due July 23; 1 child; Framingham, Massachusetts 121 posts
Sep 29th '08

I love craft time with my two year old....she loves getting her hands dirty in glue or painting and is always proud to hang up her latest project in our "art gallery" in the hallway. She'll even take visitors over to view her creations.
I bought this great book called "Great Explorations" it's packed with different project ideas for indoors, outdoors, different seasons, it has games to play outdoors, songs to sing and different ways to get your child moving. I especially love the book because it doesn't just provide easy step by step instructions but information on what skills your child can learn or improve upon with each project and ideas on how to vary the projects to make them different each time you do also has age guidelines to help you choose appropriatly for your child and tips for containing the mess that comes along with crafting with your child.

Ashes[+4] 4 kids; Colorado 26994 posts
Sep 30th '08

My daughter is three years old, and absolutely loves anything that allows her to be outside. Taking walks, riding in the bike trailer, riding her tricycle, side walk chalk, and going to the park are her top picks. When we have to stay inside, she's quite the girlie girl. It's all about singing, dress up, playing in her play kitchen, and playing with dolls. She's got a HUGE imagination, so she's happy with anything most of the time.

*~Dani~* [Double the KRL] 34 kids; New York 3477 posts
Oct 2nd '08

My daughter is getting close to three and she loves doing just about everything and anything I let her do. Her favorite things to do is take walks, sing and dance, play dress up, color, make crafts, help bake or cook, playgrounds, and talking to her baby brother in my belly. She is a major pip and I am glad we are slowly leaving the terrible twos. I think i'd go insane otherwise with a two year old and a newborn haha. But yeah she mostly loves to do anything that makes her feel more independent.

*..deleted..* 1 child; Germany 101 posts
Oct 11th '08

my daughter is 19 months. She loves to dance and play outside. Unfortunatly we don't live in a good place for her to play outside much. I've just started to trust her with the markers, well not really. Shes colored on the couch a few times :shock: Shes really girly also, so she loves to have her toe nails painted and her hair blow dried after a bath :P

*~Dani~* [Double the KRL] 34 kids; New York 3477 posts
Oct 11th '08
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nelly29 17 kids; Deltona, Florida 57 posts
Oct 11th '08

My son Is 18 months and im yet to find activities that will catch his intrest im lucky it i get him to sit in one stop for more then 2 min ive been thinking of fingure paining but im not sure what hes gonna do with it im kinda afraid hed tyrin eat the paint lol a few times at resturants ive gave him crayons but hes tryed to eat them lol...

*~Dani~* [Double the KRL] 34 kids; New York 3477 posts
Oct 12th '08
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ღ Jess ღ 2 kids; Melbourne, Australia 202 posts
Oct 19th '08

My son is 2 and a half, loves painting, drawing, play doh, dancing (gr8 exercise for me too), singing, pretend talking on cell phone, anything to do with cars, riding his little bike.. The weather here (in aust.)is warming upso we have been doing a lot outside in the garden and sandpit.. :)

Shelley * 2 kids; Georgia 182 posts
Oct 21st '08
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cassandra16 2 kids; Bernalillo, New Mexico 15 posts
Oct 23rd '08

i have an almost 18 month old her name is taliyah and she loves for me to read fun books to her, she also love to listen to music and dance too..

Shelley * 2 kids; Georgia 182 posts
Oct 27th '08

ohh && coloringg!!! lol

*Brennas Mommy* 1 child; Texas 8 posts
Oct 30th '08

My favorite activity to do with my toddler....that is a tough one.
She loves to read, color, dance!!
She also loves to watch cartoons!
Anything that helps her learn more, we do!!!