enjjones85 3 kids; Clovis, New Mexico 4434 posts
May 16th '08

The carset your giving away, You can still get. Look here's the link at wal-mart.

happy baby's mom 1 child; Ohio 19617 posts
May 16th '08

a voluntary recall means the company recalled it as a courtesy to the consumer- they say in side impacts the base could come apart from the carseat and obviously be dangerous so the are givng hooks to the consumers if you ask and it eliminates the problem_OR you can also install this specific carseat without the base- and IMO if you sell or even give away a carseat it is your responsibility to let the person KNOW that it was recalled- it is just common courtesy and concern for other's children - it wasnt a gov't mandated recall but still it is important.

happy baby's mom 1 child; Ohio 19617 posts
May 16th '08
Quoting enjjones85:
enjjones85 3 kids; Clovis, New Mexico 4434 posts
May 16th '08
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user banned 18 kids; Intercourse, Alabama 21308 posts
May 16th '08
Quoting happy baby's mom:
Kimberly's mom_122607 1 child; Oxford, Maine 1576 posts
May 16th '08

I have a lion heart wipes warmer for sale. 10.00 OBO. I also have a can of Similac Soy formula 12.9 oz can for sale 10.00 OBO.

Rowanmayfairs TTC since Feb 2008; 1 child; Disney, Oklahoma 6663 posts
May 17th '08

I have for sale, 77 pieces of girls 6-24 months clothes. All are stain free and rip free. I take very good care of my daughter's clothes. My daughter is an only child so I have a tendency to go overboard with shopping. I'm asking a dollar a piece for the clothes if you take EVERYTHING. There is a couple of outfits at least that is new with tags. Most of the clothes are 6-18 month size. There is shoes in this lot,socks,tights,outfits,dresses,overalls,sweatshirts and more. The shoes are sz 2 and 3. I have dress shoes,winter boots, sandals, tennis shoes.

Some of the brands:
Faded Glory
Old Navy
Fisher Price

Contact me for some pictures.. I don't have pictures of everything, but have a few pictures.

Tight Ass 18 kids; Winter Haven, Florida 6209 posts
May 18th '08

I'm selling all my daughters sleepers & clothes she can't fit in shes now almost 3 months & she wears 3-6 months now. I have 10 sleepers size premie, about 20 sleepers 0-3 months, I don't know how many outfits, shirts, onzies, shorts & 1 pair of pants all together I believe theres about 60 things there. I also have 2 pair of booties one says "thank heaven for little girls" & the other pair are black dress shoes. Message me for pictures & prices.

Elizabeth loves her angle Alabama 2 posts
May 19th '08

Hey! Does anyone have any unwonted Blues Clues items. Thats what I plan on doing the baby room in and I cant find anything. Please Help!

CGBSmommy TTC since Oct 2016; 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Deltona, FL, United States 11038 posts
May 19th '08

blues clues is going to be hard to find bc of it being retired from nickelodeon after 10 years. I actually work at the nickelodeon hotel in orlando. There are some stuff from there but it's all new and if you wanted anything I could ask my friends to see how much stuff is. I am on leave now til my little man is born.

If anyone has Hanna Andersson boys stuff I would love to get boys

♥Briea♥ 2 kids; San Antonio, Texas 4524 posts
Jun 4th '08

Alright, i have 2 cans of unopeded Enfamil AR formula, anthony has decided he is done with formula so i have no use for it. 40 for both or 20 each. I prefer to use paypal, but we can work something else out. I also have one can of enfamil ar that was opened last saturday and i only used 2 scoops of it, and that was wasted :( That one because itis opened ill sell for 15.00
Thay are all the big 24oz cans.
PM me if you are interested in any of them.

Jessie- Jordans Mama 1 child; Island, Kentucky 5439 posts
Jun 5th '08

I'll post here too...
I'm selling my Moby Wrap, its a baby carrier in the color Moss.
Heres the site if you don't know what one is:
I never used it, its in brand new and perfect condition...
Paid $50 by the time I paid I'd like to ask for $30 and $5 to ship, I'd say thats a deal for a brand new wrap...
So let me know!

Jessi (in TX) 50 kids; Hallettsville, Texas 1243 posts
Jun 8th '08

I've got a gently used (only used for 2 weeks and not at every feeding) Ameda Purely Yours Dual Electric Breast Pump for sale if anyone is interested. Am also preparing a lot of baby boy clothes 0-3 months and 3-6 months included. All in good condition. There are 90 items in the box and I am asking $90 for the entire thing. I am going to try to get some pics taken this week and get them in photobucket. (Please note that my son was born in November so many items are long sleeve but nothing too thick because we do live in South Texas where winter is like summer in other states.)

DaLissa Texas 3 posts
Jun 26th '08

Screen printed t's , nd outfits.3m -18m. 2xs-4s

Rowanmayfairs TTC since Feb 2008; 1 child; Disney, Oklahoma 6663 posts
Jul 2nd '08

Then I have clothes in 6-24 month range (more 12-18 month winter stuff than anything).

6-9 month clothes

12-18 month clothes
Everything in this album is for sale
24 month clothes

Holiday Clothes (christmas, Halloween, Birthday dress)

Cosco Pack N Play $30.00 (used a couple of times over 1yr's time).

All my stuff listed on craiglist..

I have ALOT more clothes not pictured.. Most of the clothes that was USED I want $1.00 for..

Costumes $5 for Bunny & $9.00 for Pumpkin
Christmas Clothes $5.00 for 18 m & $9.00 for 5pc set
Birthday Dress-$20.00 (paid $30)