my mother in law is trying to take over babybree United States 2 posts
Dec 19th '06
ok i am only 15 weeks pregnant... i am barely showing and my mother in law called the other day to let me and my husband know that our baby would be attending private catholic school and she would be paying... now i know this is a long time away but still... she wants to plan my baby shower and do all the mother things and the truth is i have a mom and this is kinda where she should be putting stuff together.... but it feels like his mom is trying to jump into it... and i appreciate the help but sometime she is so pushy and she is one of those very intimidating mothers that telling no to will just cause problems... i dont know what to do i love her to death but she is gonning to drive me nuts and i can just see it now..........
JaiTaylor-Harris United Kingdom 1 posts
Jan 17th '09

I know exactly how this feels, and it's a hard situation to deal with.

Nikki & O.G. Tony TTC since Jul 2009; 48 kids; Omaha, Nebraska 33 posts
Jan 17th '09

Why don't you tell your MIL that she can plan the shower and everything, and let her think she's running the show, it seems as though your mother isn't jumping at the chance to throw one. So let the MIL have her way, and then if your mom still wants to throw one, let her and dont tell the MIL- you win either way. As far as schooling goes - tell her it's a decision between you and your hubby. If you can't stand up to her - tell your hubby to talk to your MIL like it's really bothering him and that should make her back off.

one of each 4 me TTC since Jan 2015; 3 kids; Ohio 6295 posts
Jan 17th '09

honestly i would LOVE it if someone pushed into paying for anything! i am willing to put my negative feelings aside as long as it is benefiting my kids in ANY way. it might sound selfish of me but as long as my kids are benefitting in any way i am okay with giving up some control. and a private catholic school education is something i want for my kids but i know i won't be able to afford ever.

Angela0815 Ohio 1 posts
Jul 30th '10

My husband tells my MIL everything! I've ask him to stop and that didn't take place so now I have to keep my business to myself and not tell my husband! It's kinda funny because I'm taking his and her control and power away. I hoped that I would have a good marriage this time but mamma boy's are the worst. One time I ask him why he keeps s*****g on her tit and he took it sexual and I know he knows better! He is ruining our marriage because he's a titty sucker!