♥ Jx's Mum Mum *EOM 17 kids; 1 angel baby; Massachusetts 14086 posts
Jan 23rd '08

I don't think I ever did this.. LOL My name is Lisa I'm 31 years old. My DH Jason and I have TTC since September 2006. We did stop for a brief period because I had shoulder surgery but we re-started right after. So far, no luck but the less I stress about it, the more likely it is to happen. BABYDUST TO ALL!!!!!!!

BabyMakin TTC since Oct 2008; 16 kids; Lansing, Michigan 3633 posts
Jan 23rd '08

Hello to all! My name is Linsey, i'm 23 (as of this weekend) and my husband and I have been TTC since October of 07. The first few months I got really stressed out about it, possibly because I thought it would happen a lot quicker than it should.

my DH got home from Iraq in 07, and we have been enjoying our marriage together, and re-learning everything about each other. The moment we decided we'd TTC, it was (one of) the most joyous moments in my life. To hear my DH wants to have a lil precious baby just like I do was truly a great moment! I just joined this forum and I hope to share my stories and my advice (if I have any) to all.

SaraLenae Oklahoma 5 posts
Jan 27th '08

:D:Hello I'm Sara! I've lived in Oklahoma my entire life. I've been a lurker here over the weekend. This is the best one I have come across!

I've been married to Tom for over 2 years! I never thought I wanted kids but I've changed a lot since Tom came into my life. For the past year, I have been thinking about starting a family but very hesitant. Tom has been patient & supportive.

Within the past few weeks, I have decided I really want a baby! We can't start TTC yet. He's in Texas attending LPN school for the Army.

We will be back together in March & moving to Washington, DC for the rest of his school.

Currently, I have an IUD. Hopefully, I'm lucky enough to get knocked up right away.

I do need to make a few lifestyle changes first. Eat healthy, cut out caffeine & quite smoking.

I look forward to making new new friends and the support here!

Mrs. C ♥ 35 kids; California 17903 posts
Jan 29th '08

My name is Dawn. I recently lost my son Xander at 20 weeks and 1 day on December 21, 2008. My fiance and I never realized how much we wanted a baby until Xander came in to our lives. I am starting to chart what goes on with my body and as soon as my Dr. gives me the ok I we will start TTC. I have been stalking this part of the board for a week or so now, I just thought I would formally introduce myself.

MissMommy + 2 34 kids; West Virginia 3733 posts
Jan 29th '08

My Name is Missy. I'm 24. My husband and I just recently got married on August 9th 2007. We have been together for over 7 years, so we are ready to have a baby. We just bought our first house in Sept, so we are hoping to fill all the empty space soon. We didn't start "trying" until this month. Sometimes i feel like i might be, but i'm trying not to get my hopes up too much. I am going to take my first test in the morning....because i can't take the wait any longer!! I really have enjoyed reading some of the posts on here. Everyone seems very nice and encouraging!
Hope i will have some good news tomorrow!!

SarahAnn06 Due June 29; New Hampshire 63 posts
Jan 29th '08

My name is Sarah and I'm 26 years old. I've been married a little over a year. My husband and I started really TTC since this fall, but I've wanted a baby for a while so it seems like so much longer. It is so hard to wait, and I can't help getting disapointed every month I'm not pregnant. This seems like such a nice outlet because I don't talk to that many of my friends and family about this kind of stuff.

mama jess TTC since Jan 2008; Tennessee 16 posts
Jan 30th '08

Hi! My name is Jessica. My boyfriend and I have just started TTC. I'm 22 years old, and he's 21. We got pregnant last November, but I had a miscarriage. That was an accidental pregnancy.. We have talked a lot about it, and we're both ready! Keep us in your prayers!

squishy & squirt's mum 2 kids; Hobart, Australia 16328 posts
Jan 31st '08

Hey my names Amanda,
My fiance and I have beenTTCing for 2 months now (on our own) and nothings happened,so I'm going to see my Dr. next week to see what he says. (I'm actually disbld so I mite not be able to get pregs at all.. f&t's crossed thatI will). I've wanted this for a while so it seems like a long time since we've been trying, and I can't help getting disappointed every month I'm not pregnant.

Baby dust to all my fellow TTCers!

mommy_antony 2 kids; Ontario 622 posts
Feb 1st '08

Hi my name is Antonietta. DH and I have one son who is just over 3.5 years old. We recently got married December 1st, 2007 but have been together for over 7 years. Since we are now "Officially" married we are wanting to TTC soon, but for now we are taking things as "If it happens, it happens." So hopefully (for me) "IT HAPPENS" this month, or really soon, lol!!!

Throwing baby dust to all of you who are TTC and Good Luck getting that BFP you are all waiting for.

*~*Melissa 3 kids; Virginia 2384 posts
Feb 1st '08

Hello, my name is Melissa. I have two sons, ages 3 & 6 and am TTC again for the girl we REALLY want. My first two went off without a hitch, but last year I found out I had thyroid cancer and had my whole thyroid removed. Since then I have had very irregular periods and have been told it will be be pretty difficult to conceive this go around. I am pretty nervous, but optimistic. :D

WestChick Due January 15; 1 child; Geraldton, Australia 9 posts
Feb 3rd '08

Hi everyone, im Ronelle

My fiance and I have just decided about a week ago that we are ready to ttc , im 23 and hes 24,we're so excited to start a family.

mellowMichelle 1 child; New Jersey 50 posts
Feb 3rd '08

Hello I am Shelly and I am in my early 30's. Me and my sweetie have been together for 2 1/2 years, but here's the complicated part...I live in the NYC area while he makes his home in southern California. Despite the distance, we decided early last year that we would like to try for a child together. Through September-December of 2007 we were together during the "prime" baby making times, but it didn't work quite as easily as I thought. Due to our schedules, we probably won't be able to see each other until March, but if it were my doing, I'd love to get pregnant by August for a May 2009 baby...but I'm quickly realizing that it doesn't work that way and I have less control than I like. And, as much as I do love my man, there are no immediate plans for either of us to relocate, move in together, get married, etc...but it's not totally out of the question either. I am, however, gearing up to be a single mother if it happens anytime soon.

I've been lurking here since about October, so I thought I'd make it official! I also may be better finding a single mothers community, but I love what I've seen here, and there's no rule to say I can't be in both! :)

Xandy's Mama 1 child; New York 18 posts
Feb 4th '08

Hello everyone. I'm Elizabeth and I"m 28 years old. My husband and I have been together for over 5 years and married more than 3. We began TTC in June 07. We've had two close calls, but stress has been a major factor in completely messing up my cycles. I'm staying positive though and sending baby dust out to all you ladies going through the journey with me. Wishing us all BFPs!!!

chunsagirl01 Due November 18 (boy); 2 kids; Aurora, CO, United States 1686 posts
Feb 4th '08

Hello Elizabeth and welcome to BG!! ALso welcome to our little community TTC! I wish you all the luck in your TTC adventure. After all that's what it is right! Lots and Lots of baby dust to you!:P


Xandy's Mama 1 child; New York 18 posts
Feb 5th '08

Thank you so much for the warm welcome, Stephanie. An adventure is certainly a good way of putting this whole journey. I appreciate the support and well wishes and certainly send tons of baby dust your way as well. :D