Karen1973 3 kids; United Kingdom 23 posts
Dec 27th '07

Hi, only 3 months ago we adopted 2 children a boy of 3 & a girl of 4 after 10 years of marriage &TTC. We were told we had less than a 3 percent chance of conceiving naturally so didnt like the odds so went on a long road to adoption which took almost 2 years. But 2 weeks ago I found out I was pregnant (still hasnt sunk in & wont until the 1st scan on the 7th Jan!) so please believe me when I say it can & does happen when you least expect it :D

peanut Due July 26; 1 child; California 13 posts
Jan 1st '08

Hi, my name is Susann. I have been married for four years to a wonderful man. We have been TTC since last jan 2007. Got pregnant in june but lost it in JUly. Got pregnant in August but lost that on after 6 weeks. I am now using the clear blue easy fertility monitor and hope to have a BFP soon. I also hope that this time we actually make through the 9 months. If you have had 2 miscarriages and had a healthy baby soon after let me know. Now I am worried about not being able to stay pregnant. Good luck to all of you. Baby dust:wink:

walkeste TTC since May 2007; 1 child; Wisconsin 2 posts
Jan 1st '08

I am Stephanie. I am currently in my 8th month of TTC with my boyfriend. I was married and before we got divorced (my ex and I) we tried for 14 months. I have PCOS and have done Clomid and Progestrone and everything in between. Right now I am off meds and trying this holistic lady who helped a friend of mine get pregnant. If anyone has tips, tricks or any ideas, I am open to ANYTHING;) after this long anything has to be worth a shot! Nice to be here but hopefully I am not in the one too long.! :)If I don't get our BFP by May I am going back to the DR. Anyway I am long winded....winding this up!

lisablack1979 Due September 29; 3 kids; Alabama 2 posts
Jan 5th '08

My name is Lisa. My husband and I have been together for 12 years. We have 3 chidren together, Tori-11, Halei-7, and Andrew is 4. I had a miscarriage the month before I got pregnant with Drew. We officially started trying last month (12/07).I started my second cycle on 1/3/08....Hoping this doesnt take tooooo long. Im a little paranoid because it has been so long and Im 28 :)

ChasityMarie *maybe* Alabama 1 posts
Jan 6th '08

My name is Chasity.
I'm a soon to be Army Wife, my fiance is currently in Iraq. I'm not big on the idea of having kids, but I'm not completely against it. He wants to try when he gets home. So, I'm not TTC yet, but it's coming.
Any words of advice on this situation would be great.

Kuddles'n'Bits British Columbia 2 posts
Jan 7th '08

My name is Melissa and my hubby and I are TTC. We have been trying for 5 months now and am awaiting my BFP. I think its too soon to tell right now but I'm hoping!

KimberleyA TTC since Mar 2007; 2 kids; Tennessee 11 posts
Jan 7th '08

Hi all! I am a newbie here! My name is Kimberley andI live in Memphis TN
I am TTC ...I got my IUD removed last March so I guess since April of 07 we have been 'trying'. No luck yet! ;-(
I havent gotten active with it yet by charting and so forth.
This would be number 3 for me.
I also have a 3yr old son and 8yr old girl.

K+N=Q&D 50 kids; California 3010 posts
Jan 9th '08

Hello everyone,

I am a newbie here, my name is Katie and I live in southern Cali.
DH and I have been TTC since October 15th 2007 with no luck as of right now.
We have no human children but have 3 wonderful 4-legged ones whom we love dearly. AF came on the 3rd of this month so hopefully January will be our month.

chunsagirl01 Due November 18 (boy); 2 kids; Aurora, CO, United States 1686 posts
Jan 13th '08

Hello Everyone! My name is Stephanie. My Fiance and I are trying for baby number 2! I have a 9 1/2 month old daughter and I was on birth control all the way until this month. January is my last month being on BC. So February will be the first month trying! I highly doubt that we will get preggers the first month, but you will never know! I look forward to making new friends on here! Good Luck everyone!

*~Trina~ * 67 kids; Wichita, Kansas 3197 posts
Jan 15th '08

Hello! My name is Katrina. I am 23, I have been married for 2 1/2 years, and I have a 13 month old son! We have only been trying this cycle. I am currently in my 2ww. I have had 3 miscarriages in the past and am hoping this time will be different. I will know on the 26th!!!

*Oliver's Mama* TTC since Jan 2009; 49 kids; United Kingdom 105 posts
Jan 16th '08

Hey I'm Emma!

Me & fiancee have been TTC for nearly 2 years now!

We managed to get pregnant once so far but on 17th August 2006 I miscarried. On 1st November 2007 I was diagnosed with PCOS and started taking Metformin to regulate my cycle and help me concieve.

I've been on Metformin for almost 3 months now and I'm more or less back to normal so crossing everything for that BFP pretty soon!

K+N=Q&D 50 kids; California 3010 posts
Jan 16th '08
Quoting aishituru:
Kamila 1 child; Sweden 96 posts
Jan 22nd '08

Hi my name is Kamila, my husband and I didn't realy expect to have a baby yet but God decided to give it to us without "trying" so we decided to keep it :))) And now we only wait for it!

user banned California 4056 posts
Jan 23rd '08

Hi there. My name is Michelle. My fiance and I have been trying to concieve sincer Summer '07. It has been especially difficult for us because every single girl around me (all of them younger) is pregnant. My sister, girls I went to high school with, my sister's friends, everyone. I'm the only girl in my home town who has been unable to get pregnant.
We've been trying for months now, to no avail. I've had it in the back of my mind that I'm infertile and it scares me.
My fiance and I are keeping our fingers crossed that we were successful this month, though I have a sinking feeling that we didn't, my fiance seems convinced that we are pregnant...well I'll know in a few weeks...

Hailzw86 TTC since Apr 2007; United Kingdom 1 posts
Jan 23rd '08

Hi, my name is Hayley and I am engaged to Bryn. We have been TTC since April 2007 with no luck yet. Started tracking my BBT and CM this month as I have irregular periods so hoping it will help me pinpoint when I ovulate.