2 month old Slobbering Eliza ~Luis Angel's Mommy Due December 17 (girl); 1 child; Long Beach, California 404 posts
Nov 30th '09

Hello Ladies...

My son has been slobbering too much the last two weeks. Are/ Didyour lil ones doing this as well??? I wonder if he is going to begin teething or something...

Thanks ladies.

Logan and Amanda's mom 2 kids; Adrian, Michigan 1998 posts
Nov 30th '09

Amanda did that. I asked the doctor and she said that more and likely they arent teething but just them learning they have fingers and such

Toni-Elizabeth 1 child; Massachusetts 1084 posts
Nov 30th '09

my son started a week or two ago

DIEGOS BABYMAMA 1 child; Long Beach, California 67 posts
Nov 30th '09

def teething! my son started teething when he was 3 months and didn't get his first tooth till his 6th month.

Teagan's Mommy☠ Due May 20 (boy); 6 kids; Egypt 31882 posts
Nov 30th '09

my lo is 2 months also and has been drooling alot also for the last probably 5 days now. he also chews on his finger and plays with his tongue constantly. pokes it in and out and licks his lips ALL DAY LONG!!
some people have told me he just found out he has a tongue , then others say teething already , the dr said it sounds like he's eating too much and has milk in the back of his throat eventhough he's been eating this same amt for a long time now (4 oz) .
i felt his gums last night but couldn't feel anything.

Eliza ~Luis Angel's Mommy Due December 17 (girl); 1 child; Long Beach, California 404 posts
Dec 1st '09
Quoting tammy121:
Meg and Nora's Mommy 2 kids; Bridgewater, Massachusetts 3916 posts
Dec 1st '09

My LO is a big drooler (she'll be 3 months on Sat) but is definitely not teething. She's been a slobberer since she was a little over a month old and loves to gum on her hands and wrists!