Son is 2 years old and does not talk, at all Angelmomof7 Ontario 9 posts
Dec 18th '06
My son Dakota turned 2 on the 25th of November, and the Teletubbies have a better vocabulary than he does! Tomorrow he goes for Speech and Language assessment. I am worried a bit. He suffered seizures inuteru and at 3 days old. His physical development was delayed as a result, finally cralwing at 9 months and not walking until well into his 15th month.

He grunts or cries or throws fits when he wants something. I have tried for months to ask him to repeat words...using simple sylabols rather than full words to get started. For example, we ask him to say "Ju" rather than "Juice" but he won't. Instead, his way of telling me he wants Juice is to hurl his sipper cup at me, HARD. If I ask him to say "Ju", he will cry and freak out until he is red in the face. He understands what is being said to him...simple questions like where is your sippy cup and he begins to look for it. If I ask him if he needs a diaper change, he heads straight to his bedroom door. The odd time he will nod or say "Ya" but that is it.

What else can I do? I have even taught him sign language which he has suddenly stopped using. I feel so frustrated at times. He has had his hearing tested and all is normal. He is my fourth child so it isn't like I don't have a clue where he should be. I just feel so frustrated at not being able to communiate with my son the way I know he should be able to.

I am hoping that tomorrow SOMETHING will shed some light or at least there will be some light leading us to a road of communication.

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Nov 10th '08

Hi, your post almost brought tears to my eyes! My baby just turned 2 and he does not say a word! I mean 1 time a while back he babbled baba and mama then I never heard it again! I'm so sad and depressed! this is my first child and I would love to communicate with him! know how he feels, wants or thinks! Whenever he wants something he just gets it and if he can't get it, he just yells and screams or bangs things. I am so afraid he might be having a problem. We don't have any history in our famil or my husband's for Autism or anything... I work everyday from 8 to 4, soI don't spend time with him. I just put him in prenursery school in hopes that by interacting with kids, he might start to talk or express himself. Sadly I can't do much at this point since at our hometown, we don't have the help you can get such as a lanuguage Assesment you're very lucky to have that! I'll pray for you and myself to overcome this problem. god bless our children.

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Nov 10th '08

my mom didnt walk or talk til she was 2 1/2..and she is totaly son started crawling at 11 months..

so, 9 months crawling and 15 months walking sounds pretty normal to for the speech delay, i wouldnt worry..

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Nov 10th '08

i'm pretty late to this topic but i wanted to let you know i am here to chat if you wish! My son is now just a bit over 2 years old, he had a stroke while in utero and is likely to have seizures (( crossing my fingers because we havn't had any yet! )) He has a condition called Schizencephaly - he basically has a cleft in his brain, he looks just like other children the only difference is he is delayed.. We noticed it around 6/7 months when he wasn't doing things he should have been and had very very lacked movement on his left side, after an MRI at age 1 we found out he had a disorder. My son never crawled, in fact he just started crawling (( pretending to be a dog )) a month ago, before that he always just scooted on his butt or rolled EVERYWHERE, he started walking at 15 months and that was a shock.. My son was very delayed in speech, after 6 months of therapy we have seen amazing improvments he signs over 20 words, as well as has a vocabulary of over 50! He goes through the Wisconsin Birth to 3 program and has therapy 3 times a week

I know what you are going through and encourage you to keep your head up! It is a long and hard road, It is especially difficult to deal with a child who cannot communicate properly, it makes it hard on you as a parent due to feeling helpless because you don't know there needs as well as frustrated because you try hard and frankly "JA AHH UGH TA" means nothing to you. Show your son support and work with him as much as possible, Encourage the little things if he usses JA and it means juice everytime and you know that, make him say it, say JUICE and allow him to use JA as his word for it, eventually he will pick up on you saying JUICE and you can become more stern with him using JUICE or something closer to it than JA.


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Nov 13th '08
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May 10th '10

My son is the same. he just turned two and doesnt talk at all. He brings me a cup if he is thirsty, And takes his diaper off if its wet, ( or not ;-)) He also had a diaphragmatic hernia and started walking at 19 months and crawling at 14. He knows how to listen but doesn't like to, If I say look at me he will, or come here he will either look at me and run away or come, ( but he knows what I mean)

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Dec 13th '10
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Sep 13th '11

my niece who is also 2 she will be 3 in February and she still doesn't talk either and my brother took her to speech therapy and told them that her facial muscles were not fully developed and that they needed to buy her things like toy whistles or a harmonica something she can blow on to help the muscles in her face. and i babysit her every weekend and have since she was like 10 months old and i try helping her learn new words. and she understands what we are talking about cause you tell her to go get her sippy or pick something up and put it away she will.were trying to teach her a little bit of sign language like she knows more please and help.