Peeing when you sneeze.. pinkstars13 North Carolina 137 posts
Dec 17th '06
Anyone else have this wonderful joy of pregnancy?

I was christmas shopping yesterday, at the mall, and I had a really big sneeze. My sister goes "Bless you" and I'm like "OMG, I just pee'd myself!". :lol: So embarrasing when you're out in public, haha!
Miss Pissy Pants 8 kids; Pennsylvania 1 posts
Jan 31st '08

First I would like to inform you all as to how I received my name
"Miss Pissy Pants". I am going back to school after having 8 kids and the younger kids in my class find it amuzing that whenever I laugh, sneeze, cough, walk,talk, turn my head, breathe, blink, etc...:lol: I pee. Now, I have given birth to all 8 in a 12 year time span, hopefully nobody else is that crazy. I would like to tell you all that it gets better....but I can't:roll: all I can tell you is to invest in pantyliners. I hold the most stock in the leading company but there is still room for a few invest today! Good luck to you all and just remember to laugh whenever this happens and you can live with it. Now I need to go (change) from reading all of the other stories...thank you for an (enjoyable) time. Oh, by the way, how many of you others have "Your own seat" in the house?:wink: I DO!:twisted: