Inducing labor question CohensMama 1 child; Mishawaka, Indiana 177 posts
Nov 16th '09

I know a girl who is due the 21st of this month, but is inducing soon.. bc that's what she wants to do. Her due date is only 5 days away, I know, but her reasoning for wanting to induce labor is a little far fetched I think. She says she knows girls who have waited for their water to break, or labor to start on it's own and ended up giving birth to a stillborn... had they decided to induce labor a few days prior, baby would have been fine. Am I wrong for totally disagreeing with her?? What do you think? I believe you shoulod let labor begin on it's own, I can't wait until my labor begins, I want to experience all of that! I also believe that you should be induced, only if your doctor says you should for whatever reason he has....

Cam-Bam's Mama-Jam 1 child; Waterloo, New York 10992 posts
Nov 16th '09

I am no expert but I think inducing could cause a stillborn more than just going into labor naturallycould cause a stillborn baby.

I think your friend is an idiot and just doesn't want to wait.

XxLaceyOxX 1 child; Rochester, New Hampshire 1944 posts
Nov 16th '09

My doc said the whole stillborn thing would only happen if you went past 42 weeks, then the chances are very high... that is why they normally induce you at 41 weeks if you haven't already had the baby.

Zombie Mom ✄ 1 child; Washington 13824 posts
Nov 16th '09

Either way if your getting induced or not your water will break eventually which after time has increased risk for cord compression and stillbirth. However, most doctors advise delivering before 24hrs after the water breaks for that reason.

CohensMama 1 child; Mishawaka, Indiana 177 posts
Nov 16th '09

She's not my friend, lol, just a girl I know, I guess.. lol! Butttt yah she said the cord was wrapped around the baby's neck with all the girls who waited to go into labor on their own, which I HIGHLY doubt. So glad you girls agree and I wasn't in the wrong for thinking wtf was she thinking. :) thanks!

SPC Christie's Wifey Due December 31 (boy); 1 child; Florida 111 posts
Nov 16th '09

i think she should wait or talk to her doctor about it because it sounds like she has some major fears which is normal but acting on them is not good