99.0 fever Kenniths mama ♥ 1 child; Lakeside, California 4641 posts
Nov 14th '09

I just had my son on the 6th and I now have a fever of 99.0 what do you think? I am all freaked out. when I checked it earlier it was 101.0. is it because i'm using the baby thurmonitor thing?

Socialist 1 child; Washington 17393 posts
Nov 14th '09

That's not a fever, you're probably just a little warm due to your body healing. If it gets up over 103, call your doctor...

Hy'ska 2 kids; Nope, Az, United States 50865 posts
Nov 14th '09
Quoting Karissa Bailey:
[maddie♥] 1 child; South Dakota 997 posts
Nov 14th '09

well concidering 98.6 is normal .. i wouldnt worry 99.0 is not high at all.

did you have a c-section?? if it gets back up to 101 or so i would call your doctor