Q'sMama 1 child; Iowa 17 posts
Nov 27th '07

Hi, I'm Shawna and my son's name is Quentin!

Jadesmommy86 1 child; Virginia 5 posts
Nov 30th '07

My name is Heather-21
My little girls name is Jade 6 months 5/22/07
My fiances name is Mark 18 3 kids; Alaska 70 posts
Nov 30th '07

Hi yall my name is Victtoria or Vikki
My husbands name is Larry
we have 2 kids and one on the way
PhyllipKeithis 3
Kalista Ann is almost 2
Kylie Marie is due March 10th

miss_ashli88 1 child; New York 119 posts
Dec 1st '07

My name is ashli my baby's name is jeddiah (sorry i dont have pics i havent figured that out yet)

*Mango Meli* 18 kids; United Kingdom 7046 posts
Dec 2nd '07

hi am melissa and my baby boy is 2 months old

lexxiface Due August 2; Stamford, Connecticut 222 posts
Dec 4th '07

Hi my name is Lexxi i'm 21
and my son Paris is going to be 9 months on Dec 18th,
my husbands name is Dylan. :) and he is 21 as well.
nice to meet everyone<3

DaY ツ EVan's MoM 1 child; Eugene, Oregon 739 posts
Dec 5th '07

Hello My name is Dayna and my 2 month old sons name is Evan, and my boyfriend and his Daddy is Mike:)

Cheetah 1 child; Florida 2 posts
Dec 6th '07

Hey my name is Jennifer and I have a 3month yr old baby boy names Slade !

Jessi_S 3 kids; Minnesota 430 posts
Dec 8th '07

Hello my name is Jessi and i have 2 boys Jared born 2/6/98 and Jaden born 10/23/00 and we had a little girl Kenna 8/1/07

Kryssi 1 child; New York 547 posts
Dec 8th '07

Hi my name is Krystal and my sons name is Tristan he is 2 1/2 weeks!!

AidanandElla'smom! 50 kids; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 917 posts
Dec 9th '07

My name is Amy, I am mommy to Aidan and am currently 11 weeks prego!

roxana_du Croatia 1 posts
Dec 11th '07

Hy,my name is Roxana,and I am mom of 7month baby Naomi.
I come from Croatia...

Deleted28 Virginia 519 posts
Dec 11th '07

Hi my name is Hayley my sons name is Noah.

MrsH [GDS]{BGB} 4 kids; Vista, California 9555 posts
Dec 12th '07

My name is Amanda and I am the proud wife to Craig and the over joyed mother of Thomas (14), Olivia (11), Brittany ( 8 ), and Kelly Ann (4 mo with Down syndrome)

Hmmm, that's a lot of names to run off... good thing I had the tubes tied, heh? LOL

~*~ expecting #4 ~*~ Due October 26 (boy); 3 kids; Ottawa, Ontario 4596 posts
Dec 12th '07

Hi, my name is Tracey and I have 2 kids whos names are Jaden and Sara