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Aug 26th '12
Quoting lamr - 02-08-13-21:" hey ladies, im sure this has been covered in here a million times but on my phone its hard to read back ... [snip!] ... out, if i put him in there asleep he wakes up and freaks out. im not a fan of cio, but dont know what else to do. suggestions?"

Wow, I felt soo silly doing this, but it worked- I was in the same boat and not about to let her feel all alone, so while nursing, I used a stool to stand on while leaning into her bassinet to lay her down and let her finish. I did the same thing during her night feedings, since her bas. was in our room. I always pulled away with her awake but full, singing or humming softly through the feeding. For my daughter, after this she slept through the night at 4wks. (well, 11pm-6am)

Mellisa Krell Due July 27; Mission, British Columbia 14 posts
Sep 4th '12
Quoting Punk Rock Princess {EBFT}:" Me neither, I can't even bear to listen to him cry from being mad. This thread was inspired by this ... [snip!] ... I can't fathom a mom who thinks that's ok. So I made this thread to make me feel better. I'm glad to see I'm not alone. :)"

ive done this myself... cried so badly til i puked... only have done this once but it was so emotionally draining and physically painful that i couldnt imagine my own children going thru this... i felt sort of dumbed and numbed for days after and for sure detatched from the stimulus for quite some time and not specifically for the reasons that made me upset... it honestly wasnt something that really upset me... i was just seriously emotional thruout my pregnancy and this was when i was almost due

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Sep 6th '12

OMG thank the lord I thought I was the only one who thought that CIO was mean and harmful.There is a diffrence between spoiling a child and ignoring them .

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Sep 10th '12

Just heard on HLN that in Australia they did on study on CIO. Said that parents who only comforted their kids a few times a night, those kids had no long term effects from CIO.

They failed to mention the ages of the children. She also stated before she read about the study that it can benefit the kids health, then when she was reading the story never mentioned anything about benefiting health.

Julie Bear :) 2 kids; Florida 710 posts
Sep 14th '12

wow im glad i read this artical.
Before i never let DD CIO but only when i had to and she's 18 months now.
Ive been letting her CIO allot lately and that explains her mood now-a-days!
I always have hated doing it, and i wont be doing it any longer.
It has always felt wrong to me and made me feel like a POS.
I just had a newborn baby boy 3 days ago, and im proud to say that i will not let him CIO either!
Thanks for the info!

Samy_4923 Japan 19 posts
Sep 15th '12

Thank you for posting this!

Samy_4923 Japan 19 posts
Sep 17th '12

Thank you for the info!

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Sep 25th '12

Hi!!!!! My baby is almost 11wks old, she was never really a good sleeper, but usually after a feeding I would lay her down in her rock n play and she would sleep until the next feeding. But now every time I lay her down she cries, I put her back at the b**b and she falls asleep fast. I lay her down and then it repeats. She isn't really nursing , just seems that she wants to hang out at the b**b. I slept sitting up last nite because I didnt know what to do. I tried her pacifier last nite, but didnt seem to help. Please help, this has been going on for over a week, and I dont know what to do. I thought it was rough before with her waking every 1-4hrs now it's every time I lay her down. I have mixed feelings on Co-sleeping. I did try it one nite for a few minutes, but our mattress is so soft and she rolls on her side if I move and it scares me. So I am just not sure what to do. TIA

Aleah&Genas Mommy Due July 9; Japan 2 posts
Sep 28th '12

I didnt let my 6 yr old daughter CIO when she was a baby & Im not letting her 3 month old sister CIO either. Some say its spoiling them a little, but Id rather have a slightly spoiled & very snuggly baby than an upset one or one who has problems because of me letting her CIO. My husband agrees with me, neither of us can stand to hear her cry for more than a few seconds to a minute. From what I can tell, it works to avoid the CIO method. My 6 yr old is a happy healthy girl & she puts her self to bed before bed time some nights because shes tired. Other nights she just wants to snuggle all night so we snuggle for a little while before bed. So far with my 3 month old shes sleeping from 10pm til between 5 & 7 am without trouble. She will snuggle me to go to sleep sometimes & other times she will fall asleep with no complaint in her bassinette.

Aleah&Genas Mommy Due July 9; Japan 2 posts
Sep 28th '12
Quoting First Time Mama :):" Hi!!!!! My baby is almost 11wks old, she was never really a good sleeper, but usually after a feeding ... [snip!] ... but our mattress is so soft and she rolls on her side if I move and it scares me. So I am just not sure what to do. TIA"

I had that problem with my now 3 month old for a few weeks. Try laying down to give her the b**b for that last feeding, so shes laying against you & already laying down when you try to take her off & put her to bed. That seemed to work with mine.

kKay. Veneta, Oregon 4957 posts
Oct 17th '12

Okay so I got a copy of no cry sleep solutions. But really, I have no time to read it. My son is a year this Sunday. And it's time for him to go to his own bed for multiple reasons. I am the one who gets up at night, being the sahm, and I'm 31wk pregnant. So usually I walk him around but it's so hard. Help me on ways to get him back to sleep. I talked to SO and he said I can get a rocking chair as my early Christmas present but help me until then! What do you do? He has a twin size bed just fyi. Tia!

justwanttodelete Due July 23 (girl); Switzerland 1021 posts
Oct 23rd '12

so glad this was posted! i have always been against CIO and now i just have a lot more reasons. thank you for the info

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Oct 25th '12


I hate this website Ohio 49 posts
Oct 25th '12


I hate this website Ohio 49 posts
Oct 25th '12

This is such a great thread. When Brady was a newborn everyone would always tell me that I needed to let him CIO or he would never sleep all night. I always told them that was not something I was comfortable doing. My son is now 6 1/2 months, has NEVER CIO and has been able to fall asleep on his own since about 5 months and sleeping all night since about 3 1/2 months. He feels safe laying next to my bed in his pack n play and knows that if he needs me I am right here and will respond to his needs. Sometimes we do still cosleep so he can nurse if he needs to. He's teething now so he's been miserable, but I could not imagine letting him suffer alone.