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Nov 9th '09

Its not the same, but its better than nothing!!! Plus now a HSD and GED means nothing... employers and everyone else wants college!!!

SchyMama 1 child; Knoxville, Tennessee 533 posts
Nov 9th '09

My HS refused for people to get their GED's, they'd pretty much do anything to get you to stay in high school... I really wanted to get my GED, but I'm glad I got my HSD and went to my graduation... It made my family proud.

technoqueen Texas 259 posts
Nov 9th '09
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ItIsWhatItIs Bald Knob, Arkansas 24252 posts
Nov 15th '09

A lot of employers these days see people getting their GED as a cop-out to all sorts of things...inability to mingle with peers, handle pressure, deal with drama, etc. A GED use to be equivalant to a HSD but not anymore because GED's are so easy to get, you go take a few tests and you are is not just about the fundamental education anymore, its the experiences you didn't have in HS because you weren't there, the people skills you lacked to gain, etc. One way to right this is continue your education, colleges (especially community colleges) don't give a crap about you having a HSD or a GED it is the same to them and once you have a degree above your GED no one will give a shit either. =D

xilwolx 6 kids; New York, ny, United States 20879 posts
Nov 15th '09
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ItIsWhatItIs Bald Knob, Arkansas 24252 posts
Nov 15th '09
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Dreamer 08 3 kids; Medford Lakes, New Jersey 718 posts
Nov 15th '09

I am 23 and am in the process of getting my G.E.D. I do regret not finishing school but at least I am getting something! It shows that you were trying to me...You know? You made a mistake and went back and fixed the mistake. That is why I call it a good enough diploma. I'm not saying drop out of high school but to me if you did then it's a wonderful thing! Good job! Really! Was it hard? seriously. I am soo scared to take the test.

technoqueen Texas 259 posts
Nov 16th '09

Alright, these are the people who didn't finish high school- or earned their G.E.D that are successful, some of them are MILLIONAIRES.

Chris Rock, comedian
Hilary Swank, actress
Bill Cosby, comedian
Cher, actress/musician
Dave Thomas, tycoon founder of Wendy's restaurant
Avril Lavigne, musician
Frank Sinatra, singer, actor
Danica Patrick, Indy Car racecar driver
John Travolta, actor, singer, dancer
Marylou Retton, Champion Gymnast
Oscar De la Hoya, professional boxer
Cyndi Lauper, singer
Jon Huntsman, Jr., Utah Governor 2004-Present
Fran Lebowitz, author
Ruth Ann Minner, Governor of Delaware

The General Education Development diploma is most lucrative when it's a gateway to higher education at trade schools, community colleges, or universities. The average income for college graduates is $44,000, more than double the income of people who haven't graduated high school, and 97% of colleges accept GED graduates.

Amburrrr 1 child; Dallas, Georgia 145 posts
Dec 11th '09

I dropped out in 11th and i regret it sometimes but i never did get my ged and now im an assistant manager and they dont care

♥Mama to 2 2 kids; Georgia 10429 posts
Dec 17th '09
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