unhealed belly button brittneylynn 1 child; Saint Joseph, Missouri 392 posts
Nov 8th '09

i think myson has a Umbilical pyogenic granuloma (i just looked it up n seen a pic, it looks jst like my sons) its were too much tissue grew in or something and there is a small red bubble in his belly button. its still leakin out yucky stuff and it keeps wanting to close.. i have to keep tearing it apart. but it doesnt seem to bother him at all even when im picking at it and hes eating jst fine- i clean it allll the time with achole n q-tip..but its just not healing. my son is 2 months takin him to the doc 2morrow to have him look at it but im pretty sure he has the same thing that i found on the internet.

has ne1 elses LO had this problem??

Jive TTC since Aug 2013; 33 kids; South Carolina 25217 posts
Nov 8th '09

It is probably not helping that you are pulling it back open. I would just let it be until you see the doctor.

usernametx Texas 19751 posts
Nov 8th '09

My son has the same thing. Thanks for posting this, i didn't know what it was called! I'm taking him to the Dr on tuesday (he's 10 weeks on tues) and was going to ask about it. I'll need to google more now, but is it harmful for them or does it resolve itself?

At birth i had to take him to the NICU because where the old cord blood dries black, he had a small brown 'pouch' filled with icky stuff inside. They thought some of his intestine with meconium was coming out his belly button :( I wonder if this granuloma was what it actually was, or if its just coincidence. hmm.

Update on what your Dr says tomorrow if you can, i hope it;s ok!

brittneylynn 1 child; Saint Joseph, Missouri 392 posts
Nov 8th '09

this site is where i found my info

my sons has been having stuff come out of his belly button since his cord fell off at 2 weeks. it use to bleed and get stuff on his onsies. the doc kept tellin me to just keep cleaning it and then i started noticing that red thing in his button.
the nurse put some black stuff on it last time i seen her and it was supose to help dry it out but i didnt do nthing. its still there. i hope its nothing serious.