Massage chair bad for pregnancy? I.Hate.Men 1 child; Longmont, Colorado 6354 posts
Aug 2nd '07
I just went to get a pedicure and I turned on the massage chair and the woman took the remote and turned it off and said,
"No good for the baby" as she rubbed my belly

WTH! When is a massage chair not good for pregnancy? :x
Jesse Payne Japan 1 posts
Mar 27th '13

Allow me to clear up this question, i am a licensed massage therapist out of washington, and yes it is bad for preganant woman to have chair massage, reason is cause your leaning stomach first into a pad that pushes against the womb and cause numerous complications and or death if not done with caution, each trimester requires a certain type of pregnancy massage which should ALWAYS be done by a lisenced massage therapist that has been pre-natal trained in massage. If you are pregnant and want to recieve massage which is very healthy for the mother an child, to find a therapist thats trained in pre-natal massage. and the massage must be done while the female is lying on her side not her back or stomach. and vibrating massage chairs are very very bad for anyone whose pregnant! Hope this helps you.