What does a fibroid feel like? *sohappy* 16 kids; San Antonio, Texas 16 posts
Nov 4th '09

I know what the classic symptoms of fibroids are, but I was wondering, can you feel a fibroid with your hand on your stomach? What exactly can you feel? I'm not experiencing most of the symptoms of fibroids, but I have a kinda grapefruit size area in my lower abdomen that's hard, and my mom's family has a history of fibroids, so I was wondering if maybe that's what it could be. I'm on the pill, so I don't have a ton of menstrual bleeding, and I don't cramp anymore than usual. I've been a little more tired for the past couple of months, but that's it.

user banned 3 kids; Manitoba 14087 posts
Nov 4th '09

Not to my knowledge do you feel the fibroid! I just had them removed a few years ago. And I can relate to that tired feeling. Watch your iron level as well!

*sohappy* 16 kids; San Antonio, Texas 16 posts
Nov 4th '09
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