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Oct 26th '09

Hi i never posted before i Dont have a computer i get on the net threw my phone but it is very slow. i have a question i have never had a ultrasound at 37 weeks with my other 3 kids i was wondering if it was bad that the baby was measuring 2 weeks behind and only 5lb 13oz how big were your babies at this point?

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Oct 26th '09
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mamato6 vba4c successful Phoenix, Arizona 10644 posts
Oct 26th '09

I will say first of all the majority of the ultrasounds that estimate weight are off. They told me my last baby who was 31 weeks would weigh about 5lbs and she was born at 3lbs 12oz. But with this baby I am sure the measurements are correct. My daughter is measuring a month behind and has always been that way. She was recently diagnosed with IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction). She weighs about 2lbs 15oz now and I am almost 32 weeks along. Has your doctor shown any concern about your baby's weight? If not I wouldn't worry.

Blessed*with*4 4 kids; Texas 26 posts
Oct 27th '09

I haven't gone to my doctor appointment yet i had my ultrasound done yesterday my appointment is till thursday. She is also breeched but im having a c section anyways.