Nat ♥ 1 child; Mesa, Arizona 31402 posts
Oct 27th '09

Yay Jasmine!!!

MrsSpence2012 2 kids; Florida 3025 posts
Oct 27th '09

your daughter is beautiful!i would have never known that she had DS!

rpgmomma8404 1 child; St Ann, Missouri 7591 posts
Oct 28th '09
Quoting Suzie *Stop Abuse*:
Samma[GDS] 2 kids; Willis, Texas 5193 posts
Oct 29th '09
Quoting Suzie *Stop Abuse*:
user banned 1 child; Boston, Massachusetts 30985 posts
Nov 1st '09

watch out suzie, she could kick your ass.

thats soooo awesome. yay jasmine!!