Tdap vaccine while breastfeeding (edited name of vaccine) mama4004 2 kids; Minnesota 644 posts
Oct 22nd '09

For my residency requirement I have to do Tdap vax, but I am with an infant breastfeeding. From what I've looked up online, I don't know if it's safe: some say - yes, it's fine, others - no, don't do it. My doctor says it's safe. Anybody has any info on that?

Regina [Coupon.Queen] 2 kids; Indiana 15890 posts
Oct 22nd '09

I got it & my daughters fine

Titia Due July 29; 3 kids; Kansas 6267 posts
Oct 22nd '09

I was also told it was safe and had it after I gave birth in the hospital because there was a very bad pertussis outbreak in the area. My little guy seems to be just fine 5 1/2 months later!