5 weeks pregnant and hot flashes!? MarcErin&Ella [CNL] 34 kids; Beaufort, South Carolina 5837 posts
Oct 18th '09

So. I feel weird but, has anyone else experienced hot flashes at 5 weeks along? I remember having hot flashes with my daughter but not until I was close to term! I actually had to take an cold shower this morning to feel better. It was either that or stick my head in the freezer. I think Im losing it lol

HwithasideofP Due December 8; 1 child; Toronto, Ontario 5923 posts
Oct 18th '09

Mmm i dont miss that! I had hot flashes from 5 weeks until around 10 or 12.. So glad they are gone!
I remember taking a cold shower and i felt like the water would boil on my skin lol.

Booperelli 2 kids; Eaton Rapids, Michigan 8 posts
Oct 18th '09

I got them in the beginning too, I forgot until you mentioned it

user banned 1 child; California 657 posts
Oct 18th '09

I've been having them horribly the past week but they just started. Maybe they're coming earlier because you've already had a kid and your body is reacting differently.

*YourMom* Due September 14; 2 kids; Pennsylvania 7298 posts
Oct 18th '09

I never experienced this at 5 weeks but am going through this since about 16 weeks. Still a lil early for my thinking too.

Payson's Mommy&USMC.wife 1 child; Yuma, Arizona 195 posts
Oct 19th '09

I get them right before I puke. Its my warning sign to get your booty to the bathroom.