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Oct 16th '09
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spacey mcpants TTC since Nov 2011; 252 kids; Beaufort, South Carolina 39646 posts
Oct 16th '09

Don't do it! Lol. If you get the vertical, it's more invasive, and you are sorta forced into c-sections forever. I would also think it would be more painful, logically. If you just look at your stomach, lol, they only go about six inches across with bikini in an area that's not heavily muscled (there's a natural dip there they try to utilize), while a vertical is maybe 8 inches?, and goes through your abs which are a couple thick layers of muscle.

Weztlee and Whyitt EOM 2 kids; California 15993 posts
Oct 16th '09

myca, generally spekaing doctors don't even do vertical incisions anymore. they try to avoid it if possible. usually it's only used in true emergency situations where there is no getting the baby out through a bikini incision for one reason or another.

the very big downfall is if you do end up needing a c-section with this one, and would want to try for a vbac in the future, a vertical incision is at much higher risk for uterine rupture than a horizontal one. the risk with a horizontal incision goes up only slightly, while the risk with a vertical goes WAY up.

KillerMombie 3 kids; Belle Chasse, Louisiana 28282 posts
Oct 16th '09

What everyone else said... I'd rather a scar UNDER my bikini line (though mine is quite long compared to many others but that's a whole other topic) and I was told that had mine been vertical, a VBAC would have nearly been out of the question for the next kiddo...

SweetbaneSC North Lima, Ohio 140 posts
Oct 16th '09

vertical are usually done in emergencies. Then you run the risk of rupturing your uterus if you ever go in to labor with a future child....your abdomen and uterus are weaker when cut vertically.

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Oct 16th '09

Thanks for all the comments and advice! I'll definitely be avoiding a vertical! But hopefully I don't need the bikini either!

I love BG, I knew I'd get some good responses on here. :)

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Oct 17th '09
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Nici T Due July 29; 2 kids; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2574 posts
Oct 25th '10

I have a view on this that differs from everyone else. For me to have a another baby it has to be a vertical c, because I got so infected with my two bikini cuts. On large women a vertical can be safer because there is no skin fold to content with.
The reason they went done is becauae of vanity first most. The second point I HAVE to make is neither cut cut your abs. The skin is cut the muscles seperated and even with a vc they. Can open your uterus the same way.
If you want to have more kids then a vc will put uyou into csectikn only status because 90plus percent of drs who will do vbacs wont do them after a vertical because the risk of ruptue is so high.
I am at the point of its a vertical or no more babies ever
I have heard no one say they had more pain or anytjing else. Almost all the plus sized women i have talked to said they wished both their sectios were vertical because they heal better. I wish you all the luck that there is no section at all andi can see both sides. Your dr isn't out dated or old fashioned its a matter or why fix whats not broken.
He is a man and doesnt understand vanity.

Jacqueline Smith-Brown Due September 23 (girl); 6 kids; Lima, Ohio 1 posts
Jun 17th '13

Vertical cuts are way worse. I had to have 2, soon to be 3 vertical c-sections. The scar is THERE! I love my children and I understand it was an emergency and needed to be done; it sucks though.