Visible blue vein on side of baby's head ORANGEE 1 child; Texas 2320 posts
Oct 12th '09

My daughter has a visible blue vein on one side of her head, I was wondering if any other babies have this and it's normal or if it's related to her hydrocephalus?

When I run my finger over it, it's like indented feeling

user banned 3 kids; Florence, South Carolina 39499 posts
Oct 12th '09

mine has that too. she has macrocephaly, but not hydrocephalus. it is more pronounced when she cries. i think it's pretty common though.

Kyle's Mommy ♥ 1 child; Wisconsin 3591 posts
Oct 12th '09

My son has that too. I asked his pedi about it (because they had some concerns about him having hydrocephalus when I was pregnant) and she said it was normal. I know that probably isn't much help :oops:

SamanthaaGee 2 kids; Las Vegas, Nevada 2547 posts
Oct 16th '09
Quoting LittleRedOctopus:
HaileenNevansmom British Columbia 7 posts
Oct 24th '09

My baby boy has this on the right side of his head... and I thought cause of it being indented like that ... it was one of his coronal sutures on that one side, and that the other side didnt have it... which I started gettn paranoid about it fusing on the opposite side ... i kno im crazy paranoid. But yah pretty weird, cuz till I felt it, it looked just like a vein to me... now i have no idea what it is.

al c Pennsylvania 1 posts
Nov 28th '09

noticed the same thing on our 4 month old today - appears to be a single vertical vein on one side that feels indented. spoke to our ped (and 2 ped friends) and all said it was normal. as long as he's behaving normally (eating, sleeping, pooping/peeing, etc.), they all said it was nothing to worry about.

worth a call to your ped for peace of mind, but shouldn't be cause for alarm.

AmandaNicole78 Kentucky 1 posts
Mar 29th '10

well my baby is 6 months old and you can see some blue veins on his head is that normal or could their something wronge? please help