Oct 12th '09

I have always been a fan of making my children's baby food but I took it to the extreme today and made it a science project! Here is what I found out!!

* Gerber baby food in the 2 pack containers cost approx. 70 cents per serving.


I made the following foods and these are the costs per serving compared to the gerber containers at 70 cents each. I also included how many "containers" you would get from buying your produce vs. buying the store bought food.

(Remember gerber is 70 cents per container!)

- 3 medium sweet potatoes = 13 cents ( made 18 containers)
- 4 red apples = 40 cents (made 6 containers)
- 4 peaches = 46 cents (made 7 containers)
- 1 med. squash = 31 cents (made 4 containers)
- 1 pound fresh green beans = 37 cents (made 8 containers)
- 4 pears = 47cents (made 6 containers)
- 2 pounds baby carrots = 31 cents (made 10 containers)

SOOOO.....the price difference for these baby foods in store vs. making your own is:

- 3 med. sweet potatoes at 18 servings cost12.60in store.....2.30 for produce!
- 4 apples at 6 servings cost 8.34in store......2.40 for produce!
- 4 peaches at 7 servings cost 9.73in store.....3.25 for produce!
- 1 med. squash at 4 servings cost 5.56 in store......1.25 for produce!
- 1 lb fresh green beans at 8 servings cost 11.12 in store.....2.99 for produce!
- 4 pears at 6 servings cost 8.34 in store.....2.80 for produce!
- 2 lbs baby carrots at 10 servings cost 13.90 in store.....3.00 for produce!

Total spent on produce = 17.99
Total cost of exact same serving amounts in store bought food= 41.30

That a SAVINGS of 23.31 dollars!!!

If you go this routeyou not only save cash but you have your OWN home made sweet potatoes, applesauce, peaches, squash, green beans, pears and carrots!!! You know what is going into your baby, there are not additives or preservatives have the pride of knowing you worked your butt off to do whats best for your child :wink:

NOW PICTURES!!!!! I seriously worked my butt off doing this experiment. Call me husband did LOL. This took me about 3 hours start to finish.

Fresh produce!
Steaming away!! (steaming locks in more nutrients than boiling)

All cooked!

Ready for the magic bullet (or blender!)all skin removed

Waaalahhh!!! BABY FOOD!!! (I added bottled water to desired consistancy)



Green beans




Sweet potatoes

The end result......made with love and more cash in my purse!!!
Each of these "snack bags" has approx. 3 servings in it.

The taste test was amazing too!!! HUGE difference!

Jordan&Bays mom 2 kids; Illinois 1693 posts
Oct 12th '09

thats cool!

***Team Jacob*** 2 kids; California 4066 posts
Oct 12th '09

awesome!!!!!!!! ima try this :)

Jenna + 2! 34 kids; Australia 4425 posts
Oct 12th '09

That is awesome mamma! :D good work! When I have a little one im so going to be doing that!! :D Gotta love a majic bullet!!

mandica_12182 Due February 14; 1 child; 6 angel babies; Columbus, Ohio 171 posts
Oct 12th '09

Wow, u are dedicated!! I always said I would do that....turns out I'm just too damned lazy!! LOL

That is great that you do that and saved all that money too...I bet the homemade stuff has to taste better too.

Dominicz&EmiliozMama Due January 16 (girl); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Missouri 10614 posts
Oct 12th '09

wow thats so neat
i wish i could do that

Tink Tink's Mama 17 kids; North Carolina 5443 posts
Oct 12th '09

Thats awesome! Your really are one dedicated mama! :wink:

RadioactiveCat 2 kids; Roanoke, VA, United States 22958 posts
Oct 12th '09

This is why I have been asking for a magic bullet. :D

Amaya and Keira's mommy! Due December 9; 34 kids; Rhome, Texas 56 posts
Oct 12th '09
Quoting The Green's [BMB]:
The Santa Stalker 16 kids; 1 angel baby; Louisiana 11733 posts
Oct 12th '09

good job mama!
the fresh stuff looks a little better than the store bought too

Jeness 2 kids; Lloydminster, Alberta 1469 posts
Oct 12th '09

wow.. you totally just converted my baby food religon no joke lol

3girls♥1hero 2 kids; Alabama 2964 posts
Oct 12th '09

This is awesome....I had just decided i was going to start making my own for Lilly. I mashed her an avocado today and she loved it!! How do you heat it from frozen???

DaBeezy 1 child; 1 angel baby; Alexander City, Alabama 16199 posts
Oct 12th '09

That is awesome! Great job momma!

L8tR b***hes! Georgia 7596 posts
Oct 12th '09

lol Im glad you guys call me things like "dedicated" because my husband looked at me like I was just plain CRAZY!!! LOL

My kitchen looked like a farmers market exploded...I made the pics look nice lol.


Loz &hearts Lily Due May 6 (boy); 1 child; Brisbane, Australia 16263 posts
Oct 12th '09

wow you did an awesome job!!

i love making baby food :)